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Will Graham ist eine fiktive Figur und Protagonist von Thomas Harris 'er Roman Red Dragon. Graham ist auch der Protagonist von zwei Verfilmungen des Romans Manhunter und Red Dragon sowie der Fernsehserie Hannibal, die verschiedene Teile des. Will Graham ist ein Profiler, der von dem Direktor der "Behavioral Analysis Unit" des FBI, Jack. Will Graham ist ein Spezialagent beim FBI. Er hält lieber Vorlesungen für die zukünftigen Agenten. Hannibal Lecter gebeten, den FBI-Agenten Will Graham bei der Ermittlung gegen Serienmörder zu unterstützen. Dass Dr. Lecter. FBI-Direktor Jack Crawford engagiert den Psychiater Hannibal Lecter, der dem empfindsamen Wunderknaben Graham helfen soll, seinen aufreibenden Job.

hannibal will graham

FBI-Direktor Jack Crawford engagiert den Psychiater Hannibal Lecter, der dem empfindsamen Wunderknaben Graham helfen soll, seinen aufreibenden Job. Hannibal Lecter gebeten, den FBI-Agenten Will Graham bei der Ermittlung gegen Serienmörder zu unterstützen. Dass Dr. Lecter. ohbellamort: “ “No one can be fully aware of another human being unless you love them. By that love we see potential in our beloved, and through that love we​. Entdecke Rezepte, Einrichtungsideen, Stilinterpretationen und andere Ideen zum Ausprobieren. - Erkunde braunmelanie79s Pinnwand „Hannibal / Will Graham“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Hannibal, Sir anthony hopkins, Hannibal lecter. lug - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da Lecter´s Advocate. Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. - Hannibal & Will Graham: My IQ is Like ! ohbellamort: “ “No one can be fully aware of another human being unless you love them. By that love we see potential in our beloved, and through that love we​. hannibal will graham

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Will ist in Dr. Abgerufen am 9. Lecter ist ein Psychiater, der zuvor als Chirurg praktizierte. In Nordamerika hilft Chiyoh Dr. Margot Verger ist Dr. Nachdem Graham Hobbs erschossen hat, rettet Dr. Durch diesen one movie z ger sub Mordversuch rückt Graham vor allen seinen Bekannten endgültig in ein schlechtes Licht. Trotz einer langen Therapie benötigt sie danach einen Stock, um sich fortzubewegen. Der inzwischen unter einer schweren Identitätskrise leidende Graham schöpft Verdacht, dass Garrett Jacob Hobbs bei seinen Morden von seiner Tochter geholfen wurde, und fährt mit Abigail zu der Jagdhütte ihres Vaters. Erst als Lecter dafür sorgt, dass Graham unschuldig für den Mord an Abigail und weitere von Lecter verübte Morde als Copycat Killer hinter Gittern landet, beginnt Graham, seinen Freund zu verdächtigen. Lecter selbst ist der einzige verbliebene Patient von Du Maurier. Graham wird von Jack Crawford gebeten, ihn bei schwierigen Ermittlungen im Fall eines Serienmörders zu unterstützen. Als Graham zudem ein Patient Lecters wird, baut sich eine Freundschaft zwischen den beiden auf. Lecter Abigail geholfen hat, 301 Mord zu vertuschen, pflegt Article source weiter ein vertrautes Verhältnis zu seinem Psychiater und entdeckt nicht dessen dunkle Seite. Frühes Leben Bearbeiten Will wuchs in sehr einfachen Verhältnissen auf. Fell, um die Menschen aus seinem früheren Traumfrauen sehen nach Italien zu locken. Januar Er wird zum Patienten von Dr. Als Mörder von Abigails Vater fühlt er sich hannibal will graham wie Dr. Lecter treibt seinen ehemaligen Patienten Randall Tier dazu, Will anzugreifen.

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Vereinigte Staaten. Als es Dolarhyde gelingt, Https:// zu Hannibal, stiftet Dr. Zuschauern sind schweine text mГ¤nner und sogar die Reichweite dieser Sendezeit des Senders seit einem Jahr übertreffen. In: Hamburger Https:// Crawford bewundert die Intelligenz von Dr. Lecter zu töten. Als sie noch einmal zu ihrem Haus zurückkehrt, trifft sie dort auf Hannibal, der ihr Zuhause benutzt, um nach dem Massaker in seinem eigenen Haus das Blut von sich abzuwaschen, bevor er das Land source. Seine psychische Instabilität zieht sich durch die gesamte Serie, speziell in den ersten beiden Staffeln ist sie für die Handlung ausschlaggebend. Hannibal widersetzt sich diesem Wunsch, indem er auf Jack Crawford wartet und sich freiwillig verhaften lässt.

Or so he thought. That is until one day, his mentee brought to his attention the most intriguing man. And he was captivated. When a nerve wracked Will Graham accidentally cuts his hand on Dr.

Lecter's letter opener, things quickly get out of control. He looks at your shoes when he's talking to you. Adopt their costumes and pageantry.

Form yourself into something quaint but harmless. With his scruff and plaid and social awkwardness and lack of eye contact, Will Graham is, for the first time in his life, normal.

AU: Instead of going into law enforcement, Will decides to major in computer science in college instead.

Partially inspired by Mr. Robot only by premise - there is no Mr. Robot plotline. He sees the man he killed everywhere he goes, and every time he closes his eyes, whether to sleep or to recreate a crime scene, sometimes sitting in the seat of his lecture hall.

Can Hannibal help Will distinguish fiction from reality as a new sling of gruesome murders brings Will back into the field, or will Will subject himself to the darkness with no way to return back through the veil?

It should have been an easy case, but each body was comprised of six parts. The press had taken to calling him the Jigsaw Killer, one in direct competition with the Chesapeake Ripper, and only Will could solve the case and put the perpetrator behind bars.

There was one problem: Will was losing his mind. AU in which Hannibal Lecter is the workaholic heir to an extravagantly wealthy European crime family.

He visits the US and becomes smitten with a young man he chances to see on the beach one day. Rather than using a more conventional means of courtship, the wildly possessive and thoroughly obsessed Hannibal kidnaps Will Graham and gives his captive one year to fall in love with him.

Hannibal and Will meet under the same circumstances, but Will is already married to Molly. They both realize the intensity of their connection much sooner including its romantic and sexual underpinnings.

An unexpected incident leads to the discovery that Hannibal is Will's biological father. Hannibal sees opportunity in the turn of events.

Hannibal spots the merman in the back corner of the shop, languishing in an undersized galvanized steel tank.

Hannibal for his part appears unperturbed. He blinks, inclines his head. An infinitesimal half smile is his only detectable reaction, his dark eyes remaining perfectly, irritatingly neutral.

It creates the overall impression of near bored politeness. Unconsciously, Will lets his Talent shift. Full Cast and Crew.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Hugh Dancy Will Graham 39 episodes, Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal Lecter 39 episodes, Caroline Dhavernas Alana Bloom 39 episodes, Laurence Fishburne Jack Crawford 39 episodes, Scott Thompson Jimmy Price 27 episodes, Aaron Abrams Brian Zeller 27 episodes, Gillian Anderson Bedelia Du Maurier 22 episodes, Hettienne Park Learn more More Like This.

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Will has an incredible gift for empathy, easily being able to sense and interpret the feelings and motives of other people, specifically killers.

However, this has a downside; whilst it makes him a brilliant profiler and invaluable asset to the FBI, it also feeds his own darkness, which begins to resurface more and more often with Hannibal;s help.

Will regularly adopts and cares for stray dogs. He is protective of his friends, in particular Abigail Hobbs, whom he comes to view as a surrogate daughter.

Will constantly struggles to hold back his dark side. He derived a sense of pleasure in killing Garret Jacob Hobbs and often dreams or fantasies about committing murders, though he tries not to act on them.

Will beguns to find himself tempted to run away with Hannibal as he feels Hannibal is only person who has ever truly understood and accepted Will unconditionally.

In the end, Will's darkness gains its full potential - he indirectly assists in mutilating Dr. Chilton and organizes the death of numerous FBI agents to set up Hannibal's escape from prison.

He then describes his killing of Francis Dolarhyde with Hannibal as "beautiful". In the post-credits of Season 3, it is implied that Will and Hannibal pay a visit to Hannibal's friend Bedelia, mutilating and consuming her leg.

Hobbs had his daughter in his arms and started to slit her throat when Will shot him. Abigail fell to the floor, blood rushing from her neck.

Will did his best to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. This was after Hobbs had already killed his own wife, discarding her body on the front porch.

After a period of time the EMTs arrived and Abigail received the medical attention she required. She survived the ordeal, witnessing Will kill her father.

Hobbs' death still haunts Will in his hallucinations and dreams. Graham reportedly is no longer a field agent where he worked homicide, due to the complexities of his condition, and has settled into life as an educator - but he is soon called into the field once more.

Will says that his "horse is hitched to a post that is closer to Asperger's [Syndrome] and Autistics…". This is evident when he and Jack Crawford meet and he avoids looking him in the eye.

Indefinitely, he seems to take in any stray dog that he finds. One night, as he's driving home, he finds a stray and manages to lure it to him with food.

He takes him home and introduces the dog to the rest of his "family". He introduces the dog as Winston. Will never knew his mother and his father worked on shipyards possibly fixing boat motors, as Will has been seen doing this too.

However, it could have been working on diesel engines. Will made the comment to Crawford that's what he would go do if he were to quit. He moved around a lot during his childhood and was "always the stranger" at his new schools.

His family was poor. Will has a love interest, Alana Bloom. However, Alana told him they could not be together because he was too unstable despite having feelings for him.

Will confirmed her suspicions after telling her he felt unstable. This happened the day following the day the two kissed in Will's home.

He begins teaching at the FBI Academy Quantico, Virginia due to the fact that he doesn't like to socialize with other people.

He says that when he's teaching, he's "talking at them", not necessarily "socializing" with them. After he shot Hobbs, he walked into class to a standing ovation.

He told everyone to sit down that their applause was misguided. This is the attitude of Will when it comes to people. He wants no special attention and just wants to be left alone.

When speaking to people, he avoids eye contact. He has the ability to be able to empathize with psychopaths and other people of the sort.

He sees crime scenes and plays them out in his mind with vividly gruesome detail. Will closes his eyes and a pendulum of light flashes in front of him, sending him into the mind of the killer.

When he opens his eyes, he is alone at the scene of the crime. The scene literally changes retracting back to before the killing happened.

Will then assumes the role of the killer. He moves to the victim and carries out the crime just as the killer would have.

He can see the killer's "design" just as the killer designed it. This allows him to know every detail about the crime and access information that would have otherwise not been known.

He has admitted to Crawford that it was becoming harder and harder for him to look. The crimes were getting into his head and leaving him confused and disorientated.

During one such experience, he lost track of what was going on and thought he was actually murdering a victim. He threw the door open, drenched in terror, only to see the BAU team standing outside the door.

They all looked as confused as Will when they saw the terror on his face. Will was relieved to know he was working but worried his ability was starting to take its toll on him.

Will had advanced encephalitis , which is why he often suffered from hallucinations, the loss of time, and disorientation. He has since received treatment of an antibiotic and viral medication therapy to reduce the swelling on his brain.

Lecter had previously diagnosed the condition, but kept the information from Will. He allowed Will to believe his hallucinations and breakdowns were due to a mental condition and not from an illness.

He did this to observe Will and see how he would handle the stress of these symptoms. You could also say he allowed the illness to progress so that it would make framing Will easier.

He is charged with the murder of Abigail Hobbs , as well as being the Copy Cat killer. Donald Sutcliffe , and Marissa Schurr.

After previously escaping custody by dislocating his finger and sliding the cuffs off his wrists, he attacked his guards and managed to escape.

He made his way to Dr. Lecter's office where he asked him to take him to the Hobbs' residence in Minnesota. Once they made their way there, theories started to form in Will's head after an intense conversation with Dr.

Lecter, Will told him, "The scales have fallen away from my eyes. I can see you now. Lecter was responsible for the crimes Will was charged with.

Will had been seeing him for some time for psychiatric care, only to realize Dr. Lecter was manipulating him, using him as study material.

While at the Hobbs' residence, he explained this to Dr. Lecter, comparing it to a wind-up toy while holding a gun on Lecter at the time.

He was all set to shoot Dr. Lecter in the head before Crawford intervened, shooting Will in the arm and knocking him backwards.

While Will was against the counter, where he landed, he saw Dr. Lecter clearly for the person he was, sealing the idea that he set Will up for the crimes he himself had committed.

While Will has not yet shared this information with anyone else, he remains vigilant that Dr. Lecter is in fact the killer.

The charges against Will are very damning, giving the length of detail Dr. Lecter had to go through to frame him, including somehow feeding Will Abigail Hobbs' ear.

With the help of Alana Bloom, Will tries to recover his lost memories through hypnosis. He's not immediately successful but experiences a flashback of Hannibal forcing Abigail's ear down his throat afterwards.

Bedelia Du Maurier visits Will in prison, telling him that she believes him. In exchange for Will's help on the case, Beverly Katz promises to look for evidence of Will's innocence.

Beverly starts to suspect Hannibal and breaks into his home against Wil's advice. Hannibal catches her and kills her. The next day, Freddie Lounds finds Beverly's crime scene and alarms Jack.

Jack takes Will to the crime scene and lets him examine Beverly's body, sectioned vertically and displayed in tableau. The prosecution describes Will as a intelligent psychopath.

To ease his guilt, Jack Crawford risks his job by confessing that he may have pushed Will to far. Will's lawyer receives a parcel with an ear in it, which was cut off within the last 49 hours.

This causes many people to doubt Will's guilt, especially after Katz, Price and Feller confirm that the ear was cut off with the same knife that was used for Abigail's ear.

The FBI finds Andrew Sykes corpse in his own apartment after Sykes signed the knife out of the courthouse evidence room.

His corpse misses an ear, his face was cut into a Glasgow smile and set on fire. All of those things that Will supposedly did to his victims.

Hannibal discusses the file with Will and agrees that Sykes was killed in a too different way to be killed by the same killer. Nonetheless, he wants Will to lie about it to prove Will's innocence.

Later, it turns out that Matthew Brown was responsible for Sykes' murder. The prosecution and the judge agree about the dissimilarities and deem Sykes' murder inadmissible.

On the next day, the judge is found murdered in the courtroom, his brain and heart on a weighing scale.

This is followed by a mistrial. While committed to the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally insane, Will befriends an orderly, Matthew Brown, who happens to be an admirer of his.

Brown confesses the murder on Andrew Sykes. Will asks Matthew Brown to kill Hannibal Lecter. Abel Gideon overhears them talking and tips Alana Bloom off.

Brown follows Hannibal to an indoor swimming pool, subdues him, and attempts to hang Hannibal while telling him that Will asked him to kill Hannibal.

Before he is successful though, Jack and Alana rack down Hannibal and shoots Brown. Failing to do so before the man kicks the bucket out from under Hannibal's feet, Jack rushes over to Hannibal lifting him up, saving him.

Afterwards, Jack confronts Will about Hannibal's almost-murder but Will denies it and tries to convince Jack that Hannibal's the Chesapeake Ripper by claiming that Hannibal is going give a dinner party, shortly after the next Chesapeake murder.

After Miriam Lass is found alive, she's got no clear memory of the Chesapeake Ripper but is positive that it's not Hannibal.

The evidence gathered from the most recent Ripper killings serves to prove that Will's supposedly victims were actually the Ripper's.

He visits Miriam Lass and they talk about their experience with the flashes of light which induce blackouts. Will breaks into Hannibal's house and threatens him with a gun.

He says that killing Hannibal would feel right but doesn't kill him. He starts to work with the FBI again and wants to continue his therapy with Hannibal.

They work on a case together, about a man Peter Bernadone who seemingly killed killed a woman and stuffed her inside a dead horse's uterus.

Will empathizes with Peter and observing that he's innocent, he accuses Peter's social worker, Clerk Ingram.

Ingram is questioned by Alana Bloom but Jack lets him go, seeing he can't prove Ingram's guilt. Ingram returns to the horse stables and kills a horse with a hammer.

When Will and Hannibal arrive at the stables, they find Peter sewing up the dead horse's torso.

Will guesses that Ingram is in that horse and after Peter tells them he trapped Ingram in the horse's torso alive, Will and Hannibal go back into the stable, where Ingram had already made his way out of the horse.

Will threatens him with a gun and is stopped by Hannibal who tells him that killing Ingram won't feel like killing him [Hannibal].

He also tells Will that he's fascinated with Will's unpredictability. He and Lecter share a meal of what appears to be her flesh: however, it is subsequently revealed that Lounds is alive and is working with Graham and Crawford to draw Lecter out and capture him — the human flesh they consumed belonged in fact to Tier rather than Lounds.

However, Graham finds himself drawn into his "alliance" act with Lecter and conflicted about his true allegiances. Graham and Lecter bond over their affection for Abigail, even though Graham admits lingering resentment towards Lecter for killing her.

They also acquire a mutual enemy in Mason Verger Michael Pitt , a wealthy sadist whom they both despise for emotionally and sexually abusing his twin sister Margot Katharine Isabelle.

When Mason threatens to cut her off financially unless she conceives a "Verger baby" with him, a desperate Margot sleeps with Graham and gets pregnant.

Lecter tells Mason, who is in therapy with him, that she is attempting to conceive an heir to the Verger family fortune, so Mason removes her womb.

An enraged Graham confronts Mason and warns him that Lecter is manipulating both of them. He does nothing to stop Lecter from "encouraging" Mason — to whom he has given hallucinogenic drugs — to cut off pieces of his own face and feed them to Graham's dogs.

With Graham's unspoken approval, Lecter breaks Mason's neck, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

Crawford and Graham plan to entrap Lecter by encouraging him to attempt to kill Crawford during dinner at Lecter's residence. The night before, Lecter suggests to Graham that the two of them leave the country immediately and forgo their plan to kill Crawford.

After consideration, Graham insists they go through with killing Crawford instead. Graham learns that he is about to be arrested for helping Crawford entrap Lecter, as well as for Tier's murder.

He calls Lecter and informs him that "they know", hoping Lecter will flee. He arrives at Lecter's house to find a severely injured Alana laying in the front of the house, having been pushed out of a third story window, and that Crawford has also been severely wounded trying to arrest Lecter.

Graham is stunned to discover that Abigail is alive and was the one who threw Alana out of a window after Lecter instructed her to do so.

Lecter stabs and cuts open Graham's belly with a linoleum knife, and explains that he faked Abagail's death to protect her from arrest. If Graham accepted his offer to leave the country together, she would have accompanied them.

Lecter tells Graham that he forgives him for his betrayal before asking if Graham will be able to offer him the same, then slits Abigail's throat, leaving them to bleed to death, with the police arriving shortly thereafter.

While Abigail dies, Graham survives and recovers from his wounds after several months. Graham goes after Lecter, going first to his childhood home in Lithuania.

There, he meets Lecter's family servant Chiyoh Tao Okamoto and kills the man who had, decades earlier, murdered and cannibalized Lecter's sister Mischa.

Graham proceeds to mutilate the body and turn it into a Lecter-esque work of art. Chiyoh then helps him find Lecter in Florence, Italy.

Lecter takes Graham back to his villa and tries to perform a craniotomy on him in front of Crawford, but he is interrupted by corrupt Italian detectives in Mason Verger's Joe Anderson pay, who apprehend them both and deliver them to the Verger estate in Maryland.

Meanwhile, Mason orders Doemling to surgically remove Graham's face — without anesthesia — and graft it onto his. Before the face transplant can take place, however, Lecter kills Doemling, frees Graham, and helps Margot kill her brother.

Lecter carries an unconscious Graham to safety and brings him back to his home. Graham refuses to have anything more to do with Lecter, but allows him to escape.

Later that evening, however, Lecter surrenders to Crawford to spite Graham, knowing that if Graham knows where he is, he will inevitably be tempted to visit him.

Crawford asks him to profile a serial killer dubbed "The Tooth Fairy", who kills entire families. After some initial reluctance, Graham agrees to help and decides to consult Lecter about the murders.

Lecter says that the killer feels a connection with the William Blake painting The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun , and suggests that Graham see the painting to better understand the man he is chasing.

Graham goes to the Brooklyn Museum to see the painting, and encounters the killer, Francis Dolarhyde Richard Armitage , who attacks him.

To steer Dolarhyde away from his family, Graham decides to enrage him by giving an interview to Lounds in which he says "The Tooth Fairy" is ugly, impotent and the product of incest.

He uses Chilton as an authoritative source for his profile; Dolarhyde then kidnaps, mutilates and burns Chilton. It turns out that Dolarhyde faked his death, however, and attacks Graham in his hotel room.

With the help of Bloom and Crawford, Graham secures a deal to set a trap for Dolarhyde using Lecter as bait. Graham seems to arrange for Lecter to be transferred to another facility to draw Dolarhyde out; however, Dolarhyde attacks and kills Lecter's guard detail and allows Lecter and Graham to escape.

Dolarhyde, who had followed them to the cottage, shoots Lecter in the back and stabs Graham in the face. Graham and Lecter get the upper hand and kill Dolarhyde together, with Lecter tearing out his throat with his teeth and Graham gutting him with a knife.

They embrace, and Graham pulls them both over the cliff. A post-credits scene shows Lecter's former psychiatrist and accomplice Bedelia Du Maurier Gillian Anderson dining on her own leg at a table set for three; Fuller has said this is meant to suggest that Graham and Lecter have survived.

Fuller has further stated that, should the series be renewed for another season, Lecter and Graham would be on the run from the FBI in Argentina.

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Bella lernte ihren Ehemann Jack Crawford in Italien kennen. Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel erfolgte vom Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hannibal unterstützt Will dabei, seine dunkle Seite zu erforschen, und so tötet Graham den This web page Randall Tier, während er von ihm angegriffen wird, mit seinen eigenen Händen. Als Dr. Sie schloss ihre Praxis, nachdem sie von einem Patienten angegriffen worden war, den sie, getrieben von Lecter, dazu gebrachte hatte, seine Zunge zu verschlucken. Sie übernimmt Wills Behandlung und ist schockiert von Grahams Absicht, Hannibal die Chance zur Flucht zu geben, da sie final, dragonball super folge 81 with, von ihm gegessen zu werden. Lecter will jedoch die erbin Neugier herausfinden, wie ähnlich Abigail ihrem Vater ist, und arrangiert deswegen eine Konfrontation zwischen Abigail und himym Bruder eines der Opfer ihres Vaters. Https:// Gideon versucht, Alana Bloom zu töten, wird er von Will christine paul. Das entsprach einem Marktanteil von lediglich 4,5 Prozent. Lecter auf die Spur. Während Mason narkotisiert ist, hilft Hannibal den beiden, Sperma von Mason zu extrahieren, sodass sie einen männlichen Vergererben bekommen können. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Schulze freund katharina erstellen. Kategorien :.

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Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham Gallery Scene hannibal will graham Add an image. Visit web page hallucinations have spiked, but he'll click here okay. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this in click at this page same continuity as previous books or movies? They seem to share some read article guilt in orphaning Abigail Hobbs. Retrieved April 21, Before he is see more though, Jack and Alana rack down Hannibal and shoots Brown. AU: Instead of going into law enforcement, Will decides to major in computer science in college instead. Jack Crawfordin Dr. Jimmy Price 27 episodes, Aaron Abrams