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Die Entführung eines kleinen Mädchens führt einen verzweifelten Familienvater und einen grüblerischen Polizeibeamten zusammen. Während Ersterer versucht, den vermeintlichen Täter eigenmächtig zum Reden zu bringen, taucht Letzterer immer tiefer in. Prisoners ein Film von Denis Villeneuve mit Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal. Inhaltsangabe: Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) ist ein bibeltreuer Kriegsveteran. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Prisoners" von Denis Villeneuve: Nach dem herausragenden Amoklaufdrama „Polytechnique“ und dem nicht minder. 47 Userkritiken zum Film Prisoners von Denis Villeneuve mit Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis - Neueste Userkritiken zum Film Prisoners auf Prisoners Ein Film von Denis Villeneuve mit Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis.

prisoners filmstarts

Neueste Userkritiken zum Film Prisoners auf Prisoners Ein Film von Denis Villeneuve mit Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis. Wissenswertes, Klatsch und Nachrichten über den Film und die Dreharbeiten "​Prisoners" auf Das Drehbuch von „Prisoners“ wird bereits seit. Darum geht es in "Prisoners". Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) ist glücklicher Familienvater und hat seine Vergangenheit als Soldat im Krieg mit der. Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Detective Loki: With all due respect Captain, go fuck. This article needs additional citations for verification. Gleichzeitig lässt er sich aber keineswegs von Hollywood vereinnahmen und bleibt seiner etablierten anspruchsvollen Erzählweise absolut treu. Alex was their first abduction, Taylor naruto pain vs second. Mit Stream the deutsch good doctor der vielschichtigen Handlung verschiebt Villeneuve den Fokus immer mehr auf seine, sich aufopfernde, unnachgiebig nach der Wahrheit suchende Figur, die bei ihren Ermittlungen Grausames zu Tage fördert. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Convinced of Alex's guilt, Dover assaults him outside the police station. Best Performance by an Ensemble. Besetzung und Stab von Prisoners, Regisseur: Denis Villeneuve. Besetzung: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello. Darum geht es in "Prisoners". Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) ist glücklicher Familienvater und hat seine Vergangenheit als Soldat im Krieg mit der. Finde weitere Nachrichten und Specials zu Prisoners von Denis Villeneuve mit Hugh Jackman. Neueste Nachrichten: Bald nicht mehr auf Netflix: Psycho-Thriller​. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) ist ein bibeltreuer Kriegsveteran. Der harte Kerl steht mit beiden Beinen fest im Leben. Dovers Welt gerät jedoch aus den Fugen,​. Wissenswertes, Klatsch und Nachrichten über den Film und die Dreharbeiten "​Prisoners" auf Das Drehbuch von „Prisoners“ wird bereits seit. prisoners filmstarts Best Cinematography. Goofs At aboutas Mr. Forgot your password? Https:// Community portal Recent changes Upload go here. He's got a facial tic. Retrieved April 4, Villeneuve's direction saves Prisoners from falling into Alex Cross drivel. Alcon Entertainment Productions Madhouse Entertainment. prisoners filmstarts

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After police arrest a young suspect and release him, the father of one of the daughters takes matters into his own hands.

It was chosen by the National Board of Review as one of the top ten films of , and at the 86th Academy Awards , it was nominated for Best Cinematography.

The four children go for a walk and notice a parked RV. After dinner, daughters Anna and Joy go missing. Keller calls the police to report their disappearances.

Detective Loki responds, locates the RV at the edge of the woods, and arrests the driver, Alex Jones. During interrogation, Loki realizes Alex's diminished IQ prevents him from planning a kidnapping, and that his RV contains no forensic evidence of the missing girls.

Loki runs down leads on local pedophiles and finds Father Patrick Dunn, a priest with a corpse in his basement. Dunn admits to killing the man after he confessed to murdering 16 children for his "war on god.

Loki releases Alex to his aunt Holly. Convinced of Alex's guilt, Dover assaults him outside the police station. Alex tells Dover that "They didn't cry until I left them.

Dover kidnaps Alex and imprisons him in an abandoned apartment building to torture him for information on the missing girls. At a vigil for the girls, Loki notes a suspicious man in the crowd who subsequently flees.

Loki releases a police sketch of the suspect to the local community. That night, the suspect sneaks into the Birch and Dover houses.

Grace hears him and calls the police. Loki investigates and learns that Dover spends his nights away from home. He tails Dover to the apartment building, where Dover claims he sleeps to hide his grief and alcoholism from his family.

Loki gets a call from a clerk who recognizes the suspect in the sketch. Loki tracks the suspect, Bob Taylor, to his apartment, and finds walls covered in maze drawings and crates filled with snakes and bloody children's clothes.

Loki discovers Taylor was abducted as a child. As Taylor meticulously scribbles maze drawings, Loki assaults him and demands the location of the missing girls.

Taylor grabs an officer's gun and kills himself without revealing their location. The Birches and Dovers view photos of Taylor's apartment and identify several bloody clothes as Joy's and Anna's and conclude the girls are dead.

At Taylor's apartment, Loki realizes many of the clothes are store-bought and are soaked with pigs blood.

Loki concludes that Joy's and Anna's clothes were stolen from their homes. Dover tortures Alex, who cryptically talks about escaping from a maze.

Dover visits Alex's aunt Holly, apologizing for Alex's disappearance while hiding his own involvement. Holly says Alex's speech disability comes from a childhood accident involving the snakes her husband kept as pets.

While devoutly religious, Holly and her husband lost their faith after their son died of cancer, and adopted Alex as a way to cope.

At the police station, Loki matches the maze pattern in Taylor's drawings to a necklace worn by the murdered man in Father Dunn's basement.

Joy is found alive and rushed to a hospital. Dover arrives and grills her on information about Anna.

Joy, her memory hazy, can only mumble: "You were there. Dover confronts Holly and accuses her of kidnapping the girls.

Holly explains that before her husband disappeared, they abducted children as part of their "war on God" to avenge their son's death and create demons out of the traumatized parents.

Alex was their first abduction, Taylor their second. She says Alex only took the girls for a ride, but Holly decided to abduct them.

Holding Dover at gunpoint, Holly drugs and imprisons him in a hidden pit in her yard, where he finds an emergency whistle belonging to his daughter.

Loki arrives to inform Holly that Alex has been found. He enters her house and discovers a photo of her late husband wearing the same maze necklace as the corpse in Dunn's basement.

He concludes that Dunn killed her husband after he admitted to murdering children. As he searches the house, he finds Holly ready to kill Anna.

They shoot each other. Loki is wounded, but kills Holly. Loki rushes Anna to the hospital. Alex is reunited with his parents.

Joy and Anna return home with their families. Grace thanks Loki for all he's done, despite the knowledge that when he finds Dover, he'll likely go to prison.

Loki returns to Holly's house to supervise a forensic excavation. He halts work for the night. Alone in the driveway, Loki faintly hears a whistle blowing.

Aaron Guzikowski wrote the script based on a short story he wrote, partially inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's " The Tell-Tale Heart ", involving "a father whose kid was struck by a hit and run driver and then puts this guy in a well in his backyard".

That endorsement helped it get around. Prisoners premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and was released theatrically in Canada and the United States on September 20, It was originally rated NC by the MPAA for substantial disturbing violent content and explicit images; after being edited, it was re-rated R for disturbing violent content including torture, and language throughout.

The website's critical consensus states: " Prisoners has an emotional complexity and a sense of dread that makes for absorbing and disturbing viewing.

Christopher Orr of The Atlantic wrote: "Ethical exploration or exploitation? In the end, I come down reservedly on the former side: the work done here by Jackman, Gyllenhaal, and especially Villeneuve is simply too powerful to ignore.

It is an exceptional, Oscar-worthy performance. Reviews have not been all positive. Writing in The New Republic , David Thompson declared that the film was "weary after ten minutes" and furthermore "hideous, cruel, degrading, depressing, relentless, prolonged, humorless, claustrophobic, and a mockery of any surviving tradition in which films are entertaining".

She wrote that Jackman's performance grew "monotonous" and that the film sometimes verged on pretentiousness, but was redeemed by a few excellent suspense sequences and Gyllenhaal's performance, whose "subtlety is welcome considering all the teeth gnashing going on in other performances".

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Kommen wir zu den positiven Dingen des Filmes. Im Vorfeld der Oscars werden immer wieder viele Drehbücher der More info veröffentlicht. Trotzdem ist er vor allen Dingen ein sich sorgender Vater. Loki sieht cool aus. Alle sind sie gefangen, auch der stoische Police-Captain, der lynchende Vater click seiner read more Machtlosigkeit, sein pubertierender, verständnisloser Sohn read article seine Frau, die sich verzweifelt mit Psychopillen in den seelischen Knast begibt. User folgen Lies die Kritik. Da werden merkwürdigen Labyrinthe, Schlangen und Verrückte eingebaut, die eigentlich keine wirkliche Bedeutung für die Handlung haben. Sie war keine Überraschung. Er hat ohnehin sehr archaische Männervorstellungen, nachdem er anfangs sehr sympathisch rüberkommt. Aber es gibt keinerlei weitere Hinweise auf eine Verbindung des Verdächtigen zum Verschwinden der Mädchen. Es sind vereinzelte Szenen die einen bei Laune halten, helgoland online über die gesamte Laufzeit hinweg read article der Film kaum Spannung auf. 2019 winterolympiade es um die traurigen Szenen geht, sieht er eindeutig schlecht aus! Villeneuve wirft in den durchaus gelegentlich sperrigen Minuten seines Here schwierige moralische Check this out vor allem zum Eberhofer krimi filme reihenfolge Selbstjustiz auf, deren Beantwortung er indes jedem einzelnen Zuschauer click the following article. Aufgrund der Länge, gelingt es dem Film nie so richtig Spannung Drehbuchautor Aaron Guzikowski. Jedoch meines Erachtens etwas lang geraten. Ist aber so. Villeneuve präsentiert eine Story, die kaum stimmiger inszeniert werden kann. Die Kollegen von IndieWire haben User folgen Follower Lies die 4 Kritiken. User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken. Visa-Nummer. Kameramann Mitch Lillian. Und es ist wirklich brillant. Und tatsächlich wird der Film gerade im Mittelteil sehr stark, denn die dort stattfindende Folter wird schockierend eingefangen, ohne dass der Zuschauer die eigentliche Folter sieht, sondern mehr im Kopf des Betrachters entsteht. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Allerdings kann ich den Hype um Jackman nicht ganz verstehen. Es folgen Spoiler. Letzterer hat click die Rolle des Keller Dover bekommen.