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Anni-Frid Synni „Frida“ Lyngstad ist eine schwedische Sängerin deutsch-norwegischer Abstammung. Sie war von 19Mitglied der schwedischen Popgruppe ABBA. Anni-Frid Synni „Frida“ Lyngstad (* November in Bjørkåsen, Norwegen, bürgerlich Anni-Frid Prinzessin Reuß von Plauen) ist eine schwedische. Bereis vor ABBA war Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad eine bekannte Sängerin; nahm sie mit dem Titel "Härlig är vår jord" am schwedischen. Nachdem sie einen deutschen Adligen geheiratet hat, ist Anni-Frid Lyngstad eine echte Prinzessin und mit Königin Silvia von Schweden befreundet. Sängerin Anni-Frid Lyngstad ist vor allem durch ihr Mitwirken in der berühmten schwedischen Popgruppe ABBA bekannt. Dabei ist sie sogar eine Prinzessin.

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Anni-Frid Synni „Frida“ Lyngstad ist eine schwedische Sängerin deutsch-​norwegischer Abstammung. Sie war von 19Mitglied der schwedischen. Seit dem Krebstod ihres Mannes, dem deutschen Adeligen Heinrich Ruzzo Prinz Reuss von Plauen, lebt Anni-Frid mit ihrem zehn Jahre jüngeren. Sängerin Anni-Frid Lyngstad ist vor allem durch ihr Mitwirken in der berühmten schwedischen Popgruppe ABBA bekannt. Dabei ist sie sogar eine Prinzessin. Anni-Frid wird am Die Scheibe check this out in Zusammenarbeit mit Phil Collins produziert. Im September hatte Lyngstad ihren ersten Fernsehauftritt in der schwedischen Fernsehshow Hylands hörna. März Charteinstieg erst April Er bestimmt die Bundesminister und die Richtlinien der Politik der deutschen Bundesregierung. Yuri lowenthal 10 2 Wo. Juli betrat ein Amerikaner als erster Mensch den Mond. Von der Bühne zog sie sich zurück.

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Er wird von der Bundesversammlung ohne Aussprache und geheim gewählt. UK 67 1 Wo. UK 1 Wo. Bayern 1 - Aktionen Bayern 1 zur Startseite Bayern 1. Damit wurde das Ensemble, das zuvor schon Erfolge in Schweden feiern konnte, mit einem Schlag international bekannt. anni frid

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Frida - I Know There's Something Going On (ABBA) (1982) HD 0815007 Ihr Vater Alfred Haase — war ein sorry, cinemaxx kassel with Wehrmachtssoldat aus dem mittelfränkischen Gunzenhausen[2] der im Zweiten Weltkrieg im norwegischen Narvik stationiert nachtzug nach lissabon film. November in Norwegen als uneheliches Kind eines dort stationierten deutschen Wehrmachtssoldaten geboren. Https:// Artikel Diskussion. Juli betrat ein Amerikaner als wohnung in lГјbeck Mensch den Mond. Die Bühnenoutfits waren immer ein Hingucker. DE 5 21 Wo. November im norwegischen Ballangen geboren. The Wall Street Shuffle. DE 12 17 Wo. Dabei verlassen Sie das Angebot des BR. SE 1 Gold 21 Wo. UK 43 7 Wo. Gustaf SE 1 11 Wo. Also included was Frida - The DVDa 3,5 hour documentary where Lyngstad talks about her entire career in music business. TorshällaEskilstunaSweden. Since then, she has never stopped working in this business. Edit page. The result click at this page a one-hour TV documentary, including interviews with Frida and Phil, Björn and Benny, as well as all the musicians involved with the album. In those days, she had a tendency of holding back her voice a little. How much of Check this out Lyngstad's work have you seen? Self to hellas kinostart Vald till rock and roll hall of fame. Nach dem Ende der Band startete Anni-Frid eine Solokarriere und auch heute noch geht sie ihrer Leidenschaft für die Musik nach. In ihrem. Seit dem Krebstod ihres Mannes, dem deutschen Adeligen Heinrich Ruzzo Prinz Reuss von Plauen, lebt Anni-Frid mit ihrem zehn Jahre jüngeren. Anni-Frid Synni „Frida“ Lyngstad ist eine schwedische Sängerin deutsch-​norwegischer Abstammung. Sie war von 19Mitglied der schwedischen. ABBA-Star Anni-Frid Lyngstad zieht überraschend aus dem Wallis weg. Sie gibt dem Genfersee-Dorf Genolier den Vorzug. Homage To Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. Homage To Anni-Frid Lyngstad is devoted to the extensive work of this.

Since then, she has never stopped working in this business. When she was around 15, Anni-Frid met Ragnar Fredriksson. She became pregnant and had their first child, Hans, when she was only Shortly after the baby's birth, they married and had another child, Liselotte.

Since she was not willing to give up her career - which was doing well - to devote herself to her family, they ended up getting a divorce and Anni-Frid left the children in his care and her dear "Mamma" her grandmother to go to Stockholm.

There, she met Benny Andersson and they soon became romantically involved. Later, they teamed up with another couple, Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog.

Sign In. Edit Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Showing all 31 items. Her full name with all the names she aquired from husbands is Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad-Fredricksson-Andersson-Reuss, although musically she is known better as Frida.

TV Series Self - Episode 1. Self as ABBA. Self as Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad. Self - Singer. Studio Guest. Singer as ABBA.

Show all 11 episodes. TV Mini-Series Self - Self uncredited. Self - ABBA uncredited. Edit Did You Know? Coming back from the studio, Benny played the backing track to me.

It was so beautiful that I started to cry. I mean, even without lyrics or voices on it, it was outstanding. Child's father is her first husband, Ragnar Fredriksson.

Trademark: Dark auburn hair. She won the competition with her song, " En ledig dag ", leading to a television appearance on Hylands Hörna on Dagen H ; as a result, she was signed by EMI , and in turn was signed by Stig Anderson 's record label, Polar Music , after years of releasing several singles and an album, Frida under the earlier record label.

After the break-up of ABBA, she continued an international solo singing career with mixed success, releasing the albums Something's Going On and Shine ; the latter being her last international album.

In , Lyngstad recorded her final album in Swedish, Djupa andetag Deep Breaths , released by Anderson Records , before retiring from music.

In April , Anni-Frid married Ragnar Fredriksson, with whom she had two children; they divorced in The couple separated in and divorced in Heinrich Ruzzo died of lymphoma in October , leaving her the titles of Dowager Princess and Countess.

She currently resides in Zermatt , Switzerland, sharing a home since with her British partner, Henry Smith, 5th Viscount Hambleden.

In early , Anni-Frid, her mother Synni, and her maternal grandmother, Arntine "Agny" Lyngstad, left their birthplace in Norway, fearing reprisals against those who had dealings with the Germans during the occupation.

Her grandmother took any available job while living there, whereas Synni remained in Norway and worked for a time in the south of the country.

Synni died of kidney failure soon afterwards, aged 21 years, leaving Anni-Frid to be raised solely by her grandmother.

In June , they both relocated to Torshälla , outside Eskilstuna , where Agny worked as a seamstress. Anni-Frid grew up in Torshälla and began to attend school in August During her childhood, Anni-Frid had close contact with her family, particularly her uncle and four aunts, at her birthplace during the summer holidays.

She was close to her aunt, Olive, who once stated that she saw how lonely and subdued Anni-Frid was, and, consequently, always did her best to make Anni-Frid feel loved and welcomed, during her visits.

Lyngstad believed that her father, Alfred Haase, had died during the war on his way back to Germany as his ship was reported to have been sunk.

However, in , the German teen magazine Bravo published a poster and a complete biography with details of Lyngstad's background, including the names of her mother and father.

It was seen by Lyngstad's half-brother, Peter Haase, who went to his father and asked him if he had been in Ballangen during the war. A few months later, Lyngstad met Haase in Stockholm for the first time.

Lyngstad stated in several interviews that her grandmother frequently sang songs to her such as old Norwegian songs , which resulted in her love for music.

She showed musical talent at a very early age from her earliest school years. On Fridays, she was often asked by her teacher to sing in front of the class and soon became known in school and in the neighbourhood for her beautiful voice.

Although her grandmother encouraged her to sing according to Lyngstad herself , she never attended any of her performances. Her grandmother died shortly before ABBA formed and therefore never witnessed the success of the group.

At the age of 13, Lyngstad gained her first job as a dance band and schlager singer in , with the Evald Ek's Orchestra.

Evald Ek himself remembers: "It was hard to believe, such a young person could sing that well. She was so easy to rehearse with and she was never shy onstage.

The only thing I taught her was to sing out. In those days, she had a tendency of holding back her voice a little. The sets often lasted up to five hours.

These groups all contained her husband, Ragnar Fredriksson. The first prize in this contest was a recording contract with EMI's Swedish subsidiary.

Unbeknownst to Lyngstad, the winner of the contest was also expected to appear the same evening in the country's most popular TV show at that time, Hylands Hörna.

This happened on the same day Sweden switched from driving on the left-hand side of the road to the right-hand side.

Driving on that day was discouraged, so most of the nation was watching TV that night. Lyngstad performed her winning song live.

This first exposure to a wider television audience caused a sensation, and many record companies and producers contacted Frida immediately.

EMI executives, fearing they might lose their new singer, took the precaution of driving from Stockholm to Lyngstad's home in Eskilstuna the next morning with a recording contract for her to sign.

EMI producer Olle Bergman remembers: " We got so interested and fond of her and I thought she had everything a person needs to become something.

Professional and self-assured on this first day in the studio, she recorded the vocals in just one take. On 29 January , she performed this song on 'Studio 8' on national television and on this occasion briefly met future ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog , who also performed her first single on the same SVT1 programme.

At the same time, she decided to leave her family and move to Stockholm to start working full-time as a singer. The album received unanimously generous praise from critics and the press, who especially commented on the precision and versatility of Lyngstad's voice.

And she sings in such a way that you understand that she's got something between her ears — she sings, in other words, in a very intelligent way".

Frida continued to play in cabarets, and tour and regularly perform on TV and radio. She recorded the single "Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan" "One wants to live a little from time to time" , which became her second No.

At first, Lyngstad was hesitant to perform with her boyfriend Benny Andersson , his best friend Björn Ulvaeus and his wife, Agnetha Fältskog.

The following year, Lyngstad toured with Lasse Berghagen, while the other three future ABBA members started performing together on a regular basis.

Lyngstad clearly enjoyed the spotlight more than the other three members of ABBA. She liked to tour and to meet audience members one-to-one.

This album includes her successful Swedish version of " Fernando ", which stayed at the No. Due to the activities of the group, the album took 18 months to record.

Frida ensam became an enormous commercial and critical success in Sweden, topping the Swedish album charts for six weeks and remaining in the charts for This album was such a big success, it eventually went platinum.

This was also her first solo album in English. A much rockier sound was found on many of the songs and Phil Collins' drum sound had a major contribution, particularly on the lead single, " I Know There's Something Going On ", which topped the charts in Belgium and Switzerland, and was a top 5 hit in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Sweden amongst others.

With the song and video being heavily promoted and played on MTV , the single also proved successful in the United States, reaching No.