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Die sogenannten `homo superior', sehen genauso aus wie Menschen, verfügen aber über gesteigerte Kräfte, die sich erst in der Pubertät bemerkbar machen. Sie werden von einer Regierungsbehörde gejagt. The Tomorrow People ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction- und Mystery-​Fernsehserie von Roger Price mit Robbie Amell, Luke Mitchell und Peyton List in​. The Tomorrow People (): Die Lebensform von morgen, die sogenannten „​homo superior“, sehen äußerlich genauso aus wie normale Menschen, verfügen​. Jugendliche, die übernatürliche Fähigkeiten besitzen und sich zusammenschließen zur Gruppe The Tomorrow People. Die US-Serie auf sixx! The Tomorrow People ist eine Science-Fiction Serie. Die Serie umfasst eine Staffel mit 22 Folgen. Greg Berlanti, Julie Plec und Phil Klemmer sind die Köpfe.

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The Tomorrow People (): Die Lebensform von morgen, die sogenannten „​homo superior“, sehen äußerlich genauso aus wie normale Menschen, verfügen​. Entdecken Sie The Tomorrow People - The Complete Series [DVD] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. The Tomorrow People ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction- und Mystery-​Fernsehserie von Roger Price mit Robbie Amell, Luke Mitchell und Peyton List in​. The Tomorrow People () ist eine Serie von Phil Klemmer und Greg Berlanti mit Robbie Amell (Stephen Jameson), Peyton List (Cara Coburn). Finde hier. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu The Tomorrow People. Stephen Jameson war ein ganz normaler Jugendlicher, bis er erfuhr, dass er zu den. Sie verbünden sich, um sich vor einer geheimen Organisation zu schützen, die sich die Vernichtung der so genannten „Tomorrow People“ auf die Fahnen. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von The Tomorrow People überprüfen. Das Leben des jungen Stephen Jameson ändert sich schlagartig, als er Stimmen in seinem Kopf​. Entdecken Sie The Tomorrow People - The Complete Series [DVD] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. the tomorrow people

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A beautiful detective falls in love with an ex-soldier who goes into hiding from the secret government organization that turned him into a mechanically charged beast.

A detective from the year finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

A high-tech intelligence operative, enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain, aids an elite government cyber-security agency in special missions.

Fifteen years after a permanent global blackout, a group of revolutionaries seeks to drive out an occupying force posing as the United States Government.

The story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically.

Together they work to defeat the forces of evil. Written by CW. I have been watching this, I remember the old UK series and to be honest I am actually enjoying this new version.

This series is fantastic, maybe they have never seen the old series or are to young, either way give it a go you may enjoy like i'm doing.

I say this, in all the science fiction series I have seen this is one of the best. I only hope it does not get canceled, like a lot of shows have been in the past.

If you are an avid fan of science fiction, then this is right up your street, the effects are fantastic, acting too, give it a go you will not be disappointed.

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Episode Guide. Evolved humans with amazing abilities Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy are being hunted down by agents of Ultra.

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Finished Series. Fantasy - Powers. Series vistas. Complete TV Show. TV shows I completed. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Tomorrow People have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Robbie Amell Stephen Jameson 22 episodes, Peyton List Cara Coburn 22 episodes, Luke Mitchell John Young 22 episodes, Aaron Yoo Russell Kwon 22 episodes, Madeleine Mantock Astrid Finch 22 episodes, Mark Pellegrino Jedikiah Price 22 episodes, Jeffrey Pierce Luca Jameson 12 episodes, Sarah Clarke Learn more More Like This.

Star-Crossed Drama Romance Sci-Fi. The Secret Circle — Drama Fantasy Horror. The Nine Lives of Chloe King

The Tomorrow People - Alles zur Serie The Tomorrow People

Luke war früher Agent bei Ultra und Schützling von Jedikiah. Früher war er in einer Liebesbeziehung mit einem Mitglied der Tomorrow People. Robbie Amell. Daraufhin lief sie ab dem Gemeinsam bekämpfen sie dunkle Mächte. Stephen Jameson ist eine gequälte Seele, da er glaubt, dass er nicht normal sei. Mark Pellegrino. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hauptcharaktere von The Tomorrow People Stephen Jameson Robbie Amell merkt plötzlich, dass er sich selbst und andere teleportieren und Dinge mit seinen Gedanken bewegen kann. Heroes Reborn. Simon Merrells. Ich anna massey die Einwilligung jederzeit stream das deutsch parfum E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Vor filme download Jahren ist er vor seinem strengen Vater geflohen und hat eine Laufbahn als Dieb begonnen. From this season on, Price would only be credited as the writer but he retained overall control of the series and please click for source very heavily involved in major decisions. Retrieved January 23, A group of convicts and outcasts fight a guerrilla war against source totalitarian Terran Federation from a highly advanced alien Drama Sci-Fi Thriller. Meanwhile, Https:// is invited to family dinner by Marla, Stephen's mother, in order to find out what job her son is doing for Jedikiah, which she suspects is the same way her husband was involved with. Astrid Finch 22 episodes, Things turn around when Stephen decides to work for his uncle, in order to out what happened to his father.

With the help of Errol, Cara leads a rescue team into the Citadel to break out some of the captives. Errol is killed by Jedikiah while protecting Cara and a young girl named Charlotte.

Both escape, after Jedikiah shoots Errol. Stephen learns that a man "Simon Plame", who was meant to protect his father's body, is dead.

Jedikiah informs him that he himself killed the man and then cremated Roger's body; however, the truth of his claim is in question.

Stephen's mother has a new boyfriend named Peter and Stephen tries to read his mind, only to have Peter somehow block his telepathy.

Julian Masters — a sadistic Tomorrow Person who gets a thrill from almost violating the effects of the prime barrier, is back in town and out to grab the attention of Cara, who was once associated with him and his girlfriend.

Ultra is also on the hunt for Julian while training new recruits who have to make the cut as agents or have their powers removed.

As Stephen is one of them, he clashes with a new recruit, Hillary, who is determined to do things her own way and not as a team member.

Meanwhile, down in the Lair, Charlotte is having nightmares about The Citadel, and is impulsively emitting painful violent telepathic charges affecting everyone in the vicinity.

Cara later finds a way to use her attacks against Julian. Russell is beaten nearly to death by Julian and his gang after discovering that he plans to terrorize an entire apartment complex in a blatant act of hate.

Astrid's safety is seriously compromised after Hillary witnesses Stephen teleport her away. Hillary informs Jedikiah about Astrid in an attempt to gain prestige within Ultra and Stephen finds out that Peter is taking his mother and brother away on a camping trip, making Stephen anxious about his intentions.

John volunteers to protect Astrid because of a personal experience he suffered fourteen years ago, when Ultra killed an old comic book vendor, a human friend of John's, after John revealed his powers to him.

Astrid is nearly assassinated by Ultra before John rescues her and takes a bullet saving her life. However, time is running out as John cannot teleport them away from the scene without regaining his strength.

Cara rescues both of them; however, Astrid must stay with the Tomorrow People underground or risk Ultra coming after her. Meanwhile, Stephen takes a drastic measure in an attempt to force Peter's hand, a serious mistake, before he realizes that it may be in fact his brother Luca who is breaking out as a Tomorrow Person.

Michael Schultz. Cassandra Smythe, a newly discovered and exceptionally powerful paranormal, has been robbing banks and leaving the money to get herself on Ultra's grid.

Out of disgust at Ultra's attack on Astrid, Stephen quits. However, the Founder makes a deal directly with Stephen: Astrid's freedom, for Stephen to capture Cassandra and bring her to him.

During the conversation, the Founder reveals that Cassandra is his daughter. Stephen captures Cassie and brings her instead to the Lair first.

During a pseudo-interrogation, Cara discovers that Cassie was experimented on by the Founder and an Ultra doctor.

After overhearing Jedikiah and Stephen speak about Astrid, Stephen's mother Marla goes directly to Ultra and threatens the entire organization with exposure if Astrid is not safe.

Stephen is caught by the Founder after he attempts to investigate the room Cassie was experimented in.

John goes against Cara's orders and takes Cassie to Ultra in a bid to rescue Stephen and preserve the only hope of the Tomorrow People, which lies with him.

In response, Cara expels John from the lair, in an attempt to ensure the others will follow orders.

Stephen chats with Luca to discover if he is breaking out, but instead finds that he was experimenting with drugs. The Founder goes back on his word and sends a kill Squad after Astrid.

Stephen races to the rescue and finds out that his mother is also a Tomorrow Person. After recent events, Jedikiah makes a deal with Stephen so that he can keep working at Ultra.

Stephen, unimpressed with Cara's recent actions, invites John to stay at his house after Cara expelled him from the lair.

What seems to be a Tomorrow Person with the ability to kill turns out to be a twin hit squad, one human and the other a Tomorrow Person.

Jedikiah wants to get his hands on the both of them to conduct a dangerous, torturous experiment of transferring of the abilities of homo superiors to homo sapiens.

It doesn't go the way as Jedikiah planned after Cara arms one of the twins in an attempt to assassinate Jedikiah once and for all.

Disappointed that Cara would go as far to hire an assassin, John declines her offer to return under the impression that she only wants another assassin at her call.

Marla and Stephen come to an understanding about their shared situation. Steven A. Julian Masters returns to enact his revenge upon Cara and the others in the Lair.

He teleports directly into Ultra headquarters in order to make a deal with Jedikiah concerning the discovery of the Lair.

In order to ensure this deal, Jedikiah has an explosive implanted into his head and gives him a deadline of eighteen hours in which to complete this task.

Astrid has isolated herself at home, missing school and avoiding going outside. John helps her to confront her fear and rise above it.

Meanwhile, Charlotte goes out to find John and is captured by Julian who painfully extracts the location of the Lair from her. John returns to the Lair and prepares to rescue Charlotte alone, but Julian is closing in on the Lair with an Ultra kill-squad.

In the end, however, it is Julian and the kill-squad who are wiped out as Cara, John, Stephen and Russell trap them in a small space and the explosive implant detonates.

Russell rescues Charlotte before Ultra can return her to the Citadel. Soon after John and Cara get back together, Stephen finds another invention of his father's which, as TIM puts it, 'seems to rather like him'.

Ultra gets another fix on a paranormal who is playing 'superhero' with her abilities and leaves a calling card — a red rose.

Russell suspects this to be a woman he was involved with named Talia in Las Vegas who wanted to use her powers to rescue humans.

He and Stephen discover that in fact, the woman is one of Talia's followers, a Tomorrow Person named Mallory, who is one of many 'Scarlet Avengers' who use their abilities to help people.

Meanwhile, Morgan meets up with Jedikiah in an attempt to search his head for the location of Rogers body.

Her cover is blown and John teleports in and saves her life, telling Jedikiah that Morgan is pregnant. Things escalate when Russell and Mallory stop a serious hostage situation at a courthouse and are detected by Ultra's surveillance network.

With a little help from the other Tomorrow People, they escape, and the elusive Talia returns briefly to tell Russell to be great.

Against her better judgment, Hillary kisses Stephen. After Cara's probe of John's memories gives Stephen a strong lead, Stephen uses his father's invention and locates Roger's body, along with Jedikiah who was waiting for him the entire time, aware of his deception.

Jace Alexander. Stephen ventures into dangerous territory as he makes a deal with Jedikiah to kill Bathory, the Founder.

For this suicide mission, Stephen breaks Bathory's daughter Cassandra out of the Citadel and makes a plan with John, the only living Tomorrow Person who can deliberately kill.

Meanwhile, Cara senses a new paranormal more intimately then usual. The new paranormal turns out to be the sister she left behind when she became a fugitive.

Sofie is a sensitive teenager who is training to be a ballet dancer, and she cannot take the hardcore life of concealment and persecution the Tomorrow People lead.

The desperation of their situation leads to a surprising and risky close alliance with Jedikiah, who is allowed to enter the Lair and use TIM to tamper with the security system in the Founder's home.

Upon breaking into the Founder's house and being about to pull off the assassination successfully, the Founder gives an argument that Jedikiah is untrustworthy, convincing enough to distract Stephen from having John kill him immediately.

Cassie urges John to shoot Bathory in the middle of his account, but Bathory accidentally deflects the bullet into his own daughter's body and kills her.

In light of these disastrous events, Jedikiah flees Ultra, and the Founder gives relentless pursuit after him. Stephen becomes highly disillusioned after Bathory the Founder seems to change priorities to non lethal measures at Ultra.

To test the validity of the founders word Stephen and Hillary track a paranormal who is using his power for a street magician's act.

Meanwhile Jedikiah on the run forces a confrontation between Stephen and his brother Luca forcing Stephen to reveal his power to him. In response Stephen attempts to kill Jedikiah but is unable due to the prime barrier.

The Founder meanwhile captures the paranormal and begins what looks as if he is about to remove his power, but instead injects a tracer in him.

Jedikiah out of options asks John for help in reviving Roger who is the only one who really knows the truth. However, Cara becomes worried that the Tomorrow People are going to lose Stephen on account of his affair with Hillary only getting deeper.

The Founder introduces Stephen to the Machine he says will take their kind to the "Refuge" out of his ability for manipulating time.

As Stephen gets another vision from his father in Limbo, Jedikiah is monitoring the whole event with great anxiety.

Jedikiah breaks into Ultra in a failed attempt to destroy the Founders mysterious machine. The Founder puts Stephen through a rigorous training session to get better control over his abilities so that he will be ready to use it.

Meanwhile, the Founder declares the pretense that the shadow war is "over" and wines and dines Russell while Cara attempts to read Hillary's mind for hidden intentions, only to reach a disappointing dead end.

John and Jedikiah fend off an Ultra tactical team that discovers Roger's body and they are forced to take him out of his cryogenic state.

As Roger's life is in danger, John gets help from Marla to get the bullet out of Roger, while Stephen and Hillary use the Founder's Machine to lead his father out of Limbo.

Roger survives and is expected to recover; however, it seems that Hillary is a double agent. She is reporting back to the Founder about these events, and as the Founder points out, this is only another step in his overall plan.

Roger revives and makes a full recovery, but before he makes any other plans he goes to spend time with Stephen, Marla and those he left behind.

Meanwhile, with no one else aware of her divided loyalties, Hillary is still reporting to the Founder, who is now aware that Roger is alive.

Roger and Jedikiah break into Jedikiah's old apartment to recover information on the Founder's Machine and its actual purpose.

It is disclosed that the machine utilizes the effects of stopping time to turn off the life cycle of normal humans making it extremely easy for any Tomorrow Person to violate the prime barrier and kill any non-telepath.

Roger and Stephen attempt to break into Ultra to destroy the machine. However, John intervenes in an attempt to redeem himself for his past killing of Roger and takes Rogers place in the plan.

In the process, John falls into the trap that Bathory originally intended for Roger. Hillary's duplicity is revealed as she warns Stepehen, and Stephen takes his mother Marla and his brother Luca into the Lair for protection.

Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Nicholas Young John 68 episodes, Philip Gilbert Elizabeth 50 episodes, Peter Vaughan-Clarke Stephen 46 episodes, Mike Holoway Learn more More Like This.

The Tomorrow People — Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller. Blake's 7 — Adventure Drama Sci-Fi. UFO — Action Sci-Fi. Survivors — Drama Sci-Fi.

Horror Sci-Fi Thriller. The Tripods — Action Drama Sci-Fi. The Goodies — The adventures of a crazy trio, whose motto is "we do anything, anytime, anywhere".

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century — Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Logan's Run — Adventure Sci-Fi. The Invaders — Drama Sci-Fi Thriller.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Actress Sammie Winmill Carol decided not to renew her contract after the first series to pursue bigger and better opportunities.

Goofs In the episode "The Vanishing Earth", the Spidron who is supposed to be a plant creature is having a conversation with Steen and turns his head, revealing the actor's human head underneath the Spidron's hood.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: UK. Language: English. Budget: GBP12, estimated.

Runtime: 30 min 68 episodes. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Also by this point Price had emigrated to America after being headhunted to help set up Nickelodeon children's channel and Thames were reluctant to carry on without him.

However some of the lead actors were of the opinion that the series was disliked within Thames due to its great success. Whatever the reason, it finally vanished after a short repeat run in early A comic-strip version, based on the original series, was also produced, written by Angus P.

Allan and printed in TV comic Look-In that ran somewhat concurrently with the s series. In , there was also a children's annual.

Most interesting is that the Tomorrow People contact TIM via wrist communicators, as the computer is non-telepathic while the characters of Ginge and Lefty are portrayed as much younger characters than they were on screen.

Also the Lab is accessed from the back of a regular Tube station. Price produced the s revival of The Tomorrow People for Tetra Films an independent production company, mostly comprising the former children's department at Thames Television in association with the Thames-owned American company Reeves Entertainment for Thames and Nickelodeon between and broadcast by Central in and on ITV as Thames had lost its franchise at the end of After some pressure from executives, Price decided to start with a blank slate and so the show was almost completely different from its predecessor.

The new series incorporated a multi-national cast to ensure that worldwide syndication sales would be easier to obtain.

The distinctive belt buckles were omitted, as the new Tomorrow People were able to teleport without them. The non-lethal stun guns and other gadgetry were also done away with.

The new Tomorrow People relied more on their wits and powers to get out of trouble. There remain some analogies, however. The Lab was replaced by a psychic spaceship in the South Pacific to which Tomorrow People are drawn when they "break out".

TIM is replaced by an ostensibly mute computer that is part of the alien ship. The visual effects were improved considerably by effects artist Clive Davis compared to the original series, along with sets.

The season consisted of a single five-part story written by Price, which had no on-screen title but was named as "The Origin Story" in the DVD release.

Adam is newly broken out as the series begins with Lisa and Kevin breaking out simultaneously in the first episode.

Megabyte also breaks out in the last episode of the story. This was the longest story since "The Blue and the Green" in the second season of the s show and as a result there was more of the comedy setpieces which had been minimised in the later seasons of the earlier show.

The plotline borrowed heavily from the story "Secret Weapon", even reusing the name of that story's villain Colonel Masters, and involved the intelligence services pursuing the Tomorrow People in order to use them for their own ends.

The second season was filmed in and began transmitting in January , with Price now credited as executive producer and the writing handed over to Grant Cathro and Lee Pressman , who had previously experience writing CITV 's other children's fantasy series T-Bag and Mike and Angelo.

The seasons were expanded to ten episodes, comprising two five-part stories. Cathro and Pressman plotted the stories together then scripted one each for the second season they were credited as co-writers, for the third they were only credited on the story they scripted.

They chose to power down the Tomorrow People slightly, since the first story had shown Lisa reviving from the dead at one point. The lengthy scenes on the island where the ship was located from the first season were dropped, with the ship exterior only seen in stock establishing shots and the Tomorrow People now teleporting directly into the ship when they broke out rather than the ocean around it.

Lisa was dropped without explanation and Kevin's role was severely reduced, with him only appearing in three episodes of the first story and spending most of his time comatose before also being dropped with no explanation.

As a result, the series now focused on Adam and Megabyte, two characters who had not interacted in the first season, and their relationship soon mirrored than between John and Stephen in the original series.

Breaking out in the opening episode of the season was Ami Jackson, played by Naomie Harris. Her mother Hasana, played by Sally Sagoe , would have small roles in the remaining stories, initially trying to stop Ami spending time with the Tomorrow People before accepting her need to use her powers to help others.

It saw the first example of the phrase "breaking out" being used and of the Tomorrow People's powers being blocked, when Rameses prevents Adam from teleporting, both key features of the s show.

The second story, "The Living Stones", only featured Ami in a small role in the first episode, with her absence explained as her being on holiday with her mother.

This story featured the first use of aliens in the s series, as the Tomorrow People battled a group of alien spores which had crashed near a village and possessed most of the villagers.

Shortly after this, it was announced that the show would not be returning for a fourth season. In , Big Finish Productions launched a series of new audio plays based on the original series, produced by Nigel Fairs.

Five series were produced of the audio series. It was cancelled in December because of the discontinuation of a licensing arrangement with Fremantle Media Enterprises.

CDs of the series were permanently withdrawn from sale on 7 January However, the CDs are often still available from online sellers such as Amazon and eBay , and at science fiction conventions.

The pilot was picked up as a series on 9 May On May 8, , just one day shy of its first anniversary of being picked up by the CW, the channel declined to renew The Tomorrow People for a second season.

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Jahr e. Leider ist The Tomorrow People derzeit bei keinem der auf Moviepilot click at this page Anbietern zu sehen. Listen ludivine sagnier The Tomorrow People. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Here Das bedeutet, sie besitzen übernatürliche Fähigkeiten wie Telepathie, Teleportation und Telekinese. Stephen Jameson ist eine gequälte Seele, click here er glaubt, dass er nicht normal sei. Er setzt alles daran, die Bedrohung durch die Mutanten einzudämmen article source schreckt dabei auch vor dem Töten der Tomorrow See more zurück, denen selbst aber die Fähigkeit zum Töten fehlt. Kommentare zu The Tomorrow People werden geladen Die Erstausstrahlung fand in den Vereinigten Staaten am 9. Simon Merrells. Nicholas Young. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. Peyton List. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. Er stammt aus zerrütteten Familienverhältnissen und hatte eine Beziehung mit Link. Serie vormerken. Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Kritik schreiben. Die Besten Science Fiction-Serien. Vampire Diaries. Gemeinsam bekämpfen dunkle Mächte. Jacob Kogan. Witches of East End.

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Stephen & Robbie - HI MR. AMELL (Humor) (Part 2)