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Lolita (1962)

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Als der Engländer Humbert Humbert nach Ramsdale im US-Staat New Hampshire zieht, verliebt er sich unsterblich. Um der Frau seines Herzens nahe zu sein, schmiedet er einen Plan: Er heiratet Charlotte Haze. Doch in Wahrheit begehrt er deren. Lolita ist ein britisch-amerikanischer Spielfilm des Regisseurs Stanley Kubrick aus dem Jahr Es ist Kubricks erster in England produzierte. Film: Lolita () - Filme, Kinos, Kinoprogramm, 3D, Charts, DVD, Video, Startdaten, Releases, Trailer und Bilder. Regionalisiert für die ganze. Finden Sie Lolita () in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Lolita ein Film von Stanley Kubrick mit James Mason, Sue Lyon. Inhaltsangabe: Berühmte Verfilmung von Vladimir Nabokovs ebenso berühmtem Roman: Der.

lolita (1962)

Die Blu-ray Disc Lolita (Blu-ray) jetzt für 17,99 Euro kaufen. Perfekte Lolita Film Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo. Lolita ist ein Kriminalfilm aus dem Jahr von Stanley Kubrick mit James Mason, Shelley Winters und Sue Lyon. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu.

Director: Stanley Kubrick. Writers: Vladimir Nabokov screenplay , Vladimir Nabokov novel. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist.

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Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: James Mason Humbert Humbert Shelley Winters Charlotte Haze Sue Lyon Lolita Gary Cockrell Richard T.

Schiller Jerry Stovin John Farlow Diana Decker Jean Farlow Lois Maxwell Nurse Mary Lore Cec Linder Physician Bill Greene George Swine Shirley Douglas Starch Marianne Stone Vivian Darkbloom Marion Mathie Miss Lebone James Dyrenforth Frederick Beale Sr.

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Full Metal Jacket Stars: Matthew Modine, R. Lee Ermey, Vincent D'Onofrio. Adventure Sci-Fi. Edit Storyline Humbert Humbert forces a confrontation with a man, whose name he has just recently learned, in this man's home.

Taglines: The daring novel that became a most provocative screen play. Edit Did You Know? Goofs Punctuation error in the opening credits: a line reads, "Miss Winter's costumes by Gene Coffin ".

It should be "Miss Winters' costumes by Gene Coffin". Quotes [ first lines ] Humbert Humbert : Quilty! Clare Quilty : Ah, wha?

Who's there? Humbert Humbert : Are you Quilty. Clare Quilty : No, I'm You come to free the slaves or sumpn? Humbert Humbert : Are you Quilty?

Clare Quilty : Yeah, yeah, I'm Quilty, yeah, sure. Alternate Versions The Criterion laserdisc release is the only one to use a transfer approved by Stanley Kubrick.

This transfer alternates between a 1. Most of the sexually explicit innuendos , references and episodes in the book were taken out of the film because of the strict censorship of the s; the sexual relationship between Lolita and Humbert is implied and never depicted graphically on the screen.

In addition, some events in the film differ from the novel, and there are also changes in Lolita's character. Some of the differences are listed below:.

Lolita's age was raised from 12 to early teens in the film to meet MPAA standards. Kubrick had been warned that censors felt strongly about using a more physically developed actress, who would be seen to be at least As such, Sue Lyon was chosen for the title role, partly due to her more mature appearance.

The name "Lolita" is used only by Humbert as a private pet nickname in the novel, whereas in the film several of the characters refer to her by that name.

In the book, she is referred to simply as "Lo" or "Lola" or "Dolly" by the other characters. Various critics, such as Susan Sweeney, have observed that since she never calls herself "Lolita", Humbert's pet name denies her subjectivity.

The film is not especially focused on Lolita's feelings. In the medium of film, her character is inevitably fleshed out somewhat from the cipher that she remains in the novel.

Nonetheless, Kubrick actually omits the few vignettes in the novel in which Humbert's solipsistic bubble is burst and one catches glimpses of Lolita's personal misery.

Susan Bordo writes, "Kubrick chose not to include any of the vignettes from the novel which bring Lolita's misery to the forefront, nudging Humbert's obsession temporarily off center-stage.

Nabokov's wife, Vera, insisted—rightly—on 'the pathos of Lolita's utter loneliness. In Kubrick's film, one good sobfest and dead mommy is forgotten.

Humbert, to calm her down, has promised her a brand-new hi-fi and all the latest records. The same scene in the novel ends with Lolita sobbing, despite Humbert having plied her with gifts all day.

Critic Greg Jenkins believes that Humbert is imbued with a fundamental likability in this film that he does not necessarily have in the novel.

Humbert's two mental breakdowns leading to sanatorium stays before meeting Lolita are entirely omitted in the film, as are his earlier unsuccessful relationships with women his own age whom he refers to in the novel as "terrestrial women" through which he tried to stabilize himself.

His lifelong complexes around young girls are largely concealed in the film, and Lolita appears older than her novelistic counterpart, both leading Jenkins to comment "A story originally told from the edge of a moral abyss is fast moving toward safer ground.

Jenkins notes that Humbert even seems a bit more dignified and restrained than other residents of Ramsdale, particularly Lolita's aggressive mother, in a way that invites the audience to sympathize with Humbert.

Humbert is portrayed as someone urbane and sophisticated trapped in a provincial small town populated by slightly lecherous people, a refugee from Old World Europe in an especially crass part of the New World.

For example, Lolita's piano teacher comes across in the film as aggressive and predatory compared to which Humbert seems fairly restrained.

Jenkins believes that in the film it is Quilty, not Humbert, who acts as the embodiment of evil. Because Humbert narrates the novel, his increased mental deterioration due to anxiety in the entire second half of the story is more obvious from the increasingly desperate tone of his narrative.

While the film shows Humbert's increasingly severe attempts to control Lolita, the novel shows more of Humbert's loss of self-control and stability.

Jenkins also notes that some of Humbert's more brutal actions are omitted or changed from the film. For example, in the novel he threatens to send Lolita to a reformatory, while in the film he promises to never send her there.

The film entirely omits the critical episode in Humbert's life in which at age 14 he was interrupted making love to young Annabel Leigh who shortly thereafter died, and consequently omits all indications that Humbert had a preoccupation with prepubescent girls prior to meeting Dolores Haze.

In the novel, Humbert gives his youthful amorous relationship with Annabel Leigh, thwarted by both adult intervention and her death, as the key to his obsession with nymphets.

The film's only mention of "nymphets" is an entry in Humbert's diary specifically revolving around Lolita.

Humbert explains that the smell and taste of youth filled his desires throughout adulthood: "that little girl with her seaside limbs and ardent tongue haunted [him] ever since".

The idea that anything connected with young girls motivated Humbert to accept the job as professor of French Literature at Beardsley College and move to Ramsdale at all is entirely omitted from the film.

In the novel he first finds accommodations with the McCoo family because the McCoos have a twelve-year-old daughter, a potential "enigmatic nymphet whom [he] would coach in French and fondle in Humbertish.

Haze offers to accommodate Humbert. Susan Bordo has noticed that in order to show the callous and cruel side of Humbert's personality early in the film, Nabokov and Kubrick have shown additional ways in which Humbert behaves monstrously towards her mother, Charlotte Haze.

He mocks her declaration of love towards him, and takes a pleasant bath after her accidental death.

This effectively replaces the voice-overs in which he discusses his plans to seduce and molest Lolita as a means of establishing Humbert as manipulative, scheming, and selfish.

Quilty's role is greatly magnified in the film and brought into the foreground of the narrative.

In the novel Humbert catches only brief uncomprehending glimpses of his nemesis before their final confrontation at Quilty's home, and the reader finds out about Quilty late in the narrative along with Humbert.

Quilty's role in the story is made fully explicit from the beginning of the film, rather than being a concealed surprise twist near the end of the tale.

In a interview with Terry Southern , Kubrick describes his decision to expand Quilty's role, saying "just beneath the surface of the story was this strong secondary narrative thread possible—because after Humbert seduces her in the motel, or rather after she seduces him, the big question has been answered—so it was good to have this narrative of mystery continuing after the seduction.

The film opens with a scene near the end of the story, Humbert's murder of Quilty. This means that the film shows Humbert as a murderer before showing us Humbert as a seducer of minors, and the film sets up the viewer to frame the following flashback as an explanation for the murder.

The film then goes back to Humbert's first meeting with Charlotte Haze and continues chronologically until the final murder scene is presented once again.

The book, narrated by Humbert, presents events in chronological order from the very beginning, opening with Humbert's life as a child.

While Humbert hints throughout the novel that he has committed murder, its actual circumstances are not described until near the very end.

NPR's Bret Anthony Johnston notes that the novel is sort of an inverted murder mystery: the reader knows someone has been killed, but the reader has to wait to find out who the victim is.

In the novel, Miss Pratt, the school principal at Beardsley, discusses with Humbert Dolores's behavioral issues and among other things persuades Humbert to allow her to participate in the dramatics group, especially one upcoming play.

In the film, this role is replaced by Quilty disguised as a school psychologist named "Dr. This disguise does not appear in the novel at all.

In both versions, a claim is made that Lolita appears to be "sexually repressed", as she mysteriously has no interest in boys.

Both Dr. Zempf and Miss Pratt express the opinion that this aspect of her youth should be developed and stimulated by dating and participating in the school's social activities.

While Pratt mostly wants Humbert to let Dolores generally into the dramatic group, Quilty as Zempf is specifically focused on the high school play written by Quilty and produced with some supervision from him which Lolita had secretly rehearsed for in both the film and novel.

Although Peter Sellers is playing only one character in this film, Quilty's disguise as Dr. Zempf allows him to employ a mock German accent that is quintessentially in the style of Sellers's acting.

With regard to this scene, playwright Edward Albee 's stage adaptation of the novel follows Kubrick's film rather than the novel.

The movie retains the novel's theme of Quilty anonymously goading Humbert's conscience on many occasions, though the details of how this theme is played out are quite different in the film.

He has been described as "an emanation of Humbert's guilty conscience", [32] and Humbert describes Quilty in the novel as his "shadow".

The first and last word of the novel is "Lolita". In the novel, Humbert and Charlotte go swimming in Hourglass Lake, where Charlotte announces she will ship Lo off to a good boarding school; that part takes place in bed in the film.

Humbert's contemplation of possibly killing Charlotte similarly takes place at Hourglass Lake in the book, but at home in the film.

This difference affects Humbert's contemplated method of killing Charlotte. In the book he is tempted to drown her in the lake, whereas in the film he considers the possibility of shooting her with a pistol while in the house, in both scenarios concluding that he could never bring himself to do it.

In his biography of Kubrick, Vincent LoBrutto notes that Kubrick tried to recreate Hourglass Lake in a studio, but became uncomfortable shooting such a pivotally important exterior scene in the studio, so he refashioned the scene to take place at home.

In the novel Humbert really considers killing Charlotte and later Lolita accuses Humbert of having deliberately killed her.

Only the first scene is in the film and only the latter scene appears in the film. Lolita's friend, Mona Dahl, is a friend in Ramsdale the first half of the story in the film and disappears quite early in the story.

In the film, Mona is simply the host of a party which Lolita abandons early in the story. Mona is a friend of Lolita's in Beardsley the second half of the story in the novel.

In the novel Mona is active in the school play, Lolita tells Humbert stories about Mona's love life, and Humbert notes Mona had "long since ceased" to be if ever she was a "nymphet.

She keeps Lolita's secrets and helps Lolita lie to Humbert when Humbert discovers that Lolita has been missing her piano lessons. In the film, Mona in the second half seems to have been replaced by a "Michele" who is also in the play and having an affair with a Marine and backs up Lolita's fibs to Humbert.

Film critic Greg Jenkins claims that Mona has simply been entirely eliminated from the film.

Humbert is suspicious that Lolita is developing an interest in boys at various times throughout the story. He suspects no one in particular in the novel.

In the film, he is twice suspicious of a pair of boys, Rex and Roy, who hang out with Lolita and her friend Michele.

In the novel, Mona has a friend named Roy. In the novel, the first mutual attraction between Humbert and Lolita begins because Humbert resembles a celebrity she likes.

In the film, it occurs at a drive-in horror film when she grabs his hand. Christine Lee Gengaro proposes that this suggests that Humbert is a monster in a mask, [39] and the same theory is developed at greater length by Jason Lee.

In the novel, both the hotel at which Humbert and Dolores first have relations and the stage-play by Quilty for which Dolores prepares to perform in at her high school is called The Enchanted Hunter.

However, in the novel school headmistress Pratt erroneously refers to the play as The Hunted Enchanter.

In Kubrick's film, the hotel bears the same name as in the novel, but now the play really is called The Hunted Enchanter.

Both names are established only through signage — the banner for the police convention at the hotel and the marquee for the play — the names are never mentioned in dialogue.

The relationships between Humbert and other women before and after Lolita is omitted from the film. Greg Jenkins sees this as part of Kubrick's general tendency to simplify his narratives, also noting that the novel therefore gives us a more "seasoned" view of Humbert's taste in women.

Only the film has a police convention at the hotel where Humbert allows Lolita to seduce him. Kubrick scholar Michel Ciment sees this as typical of Kubrick's general tendency to assail authority figures.

Lolita completes the school play written by Clare Quilty in the film, but drops out prior to finishing it in the novel.

In the film, we see that Quilty's play has suggestive symbolism, and Humbert's confrontation with Lolita over her missing her piano lessons occurs after her triumphal debut in the play's premiere.

The music for the film was composed by Nelson Riddle the main theme was by Bob Harris. The recurring dance number first heard on the radio when Humbert meets Lolita in the garden later became a hit single under the name "Lolita Ya Ya" with Sue Lyon credited with the singing on the single version.

Lolita premiered on June 13, , in New York City the copyright date onscreen is It performed fairly well, with little advertising relying mostly on word-of-mouth; many critics seemed uninterested or dismissive of the film while others gave it glowing reviews.

However, the film was very controversial, due to the hebephilia -related content. Among the positive reviews, Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote that the film was "conspicuously different" from the novel and had "some strange confusions of style and mood," but nevertheless had "a rare power, a garbled but often moving push toward an off-beat communication.

Coe of The Washington Post called it "a peculiarly brilliant film," with a tone "not of hatred, but of mocking true.

Director and author have a viewpoint on modern life that is not flattering but it is not despising, either.

It is regret for the human comedy. Scheuer of the Los Angeles Times declared that the film "manages to hit peaks of comedy shrilly dissonant but on an adult level, that are rare indeed, and at the same time to underline the tragedy in human communication, human communion, between people who've got their signals hopelessly crossed.

Variety had a mixed assessment, calling the film "occasionally amusing but shapeless," and likening it to "a bee from which the stinger has been removed.

It still buzzes with a sort of promising irreverence, but it lacks the power to shock and eventually makes very little point either as comedy or satire.

The critical consensus reads: "Kubrick's Lolita adapts its seemingly unadaptable source material with a sly comedic touch and a sterling performance by James Mason that transforms the controversial novel into something refreshingly new without sacrificing its essential edge.

The film was a commercial success. The film was widely publicized as being more faithful to Nabokov than the Kubrick film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. See also: List of recurring cast members in Stanley Kubrick films. Denier Warren as Potts.

See also: Lolita. Play media. Main article: Lolita film. Retrieved October 3, The Numbers. Retrieved June 13, Retrieved March 5, Vladimir Nabokov: the American years.

Retrieved August 30, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved March 6, Chicago Review Press. Rotten Tomatoes.

Retrieved November 1, These quotes include other details of Humbert's narration. The male body: a new look at men in public and in private.

Archived from the original on November 8, July 7, Knopf Doubleday. Stanley Kubrick: A Biography.

Da Capo Press.

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Those airs also mask being lonely, especially as she is a sexually aggressive and liberated woman.

Humbert considers Charlotte a proverbial "joke" but decides to rent the room upon meeting Charlotte's provocative daughter, Dolores Haze - more frequently referred to as Lolita - who he first spots in a bikini tanning in the back yard.

He is immediately infatuated with Lolita, with who he becomes obsessed in a sexual manner despite her age, she being just into her teens.

He will also learn that Charlotte has the exact same feelings for him. While Charlotte does whatever she can to be alone with Humbert, Humbert does the same with Lolita.

As the summer progresses, Humbert, based on the circumstances, decides to enter into a relationship with Charlotte just to be near Lolita.

In that new arrangement, Humbert has to figure out how to achieve his goal of being with Lolita with Charlotte out of the way.

As things begin to go Humbert's way, he is unaware that Charlotte is not the only thing standing in his way between him and Lolita, that other thing being Lolita's possible interest in other boys, and other members of the male sex, young or old, who may have their own designs on Lolita.

James Mason plays professor Humbert Humbert, who while waiting to begin a teaching post in the United States rents a room from blowzy Shelley Winters.

Winters immediately falls for the worldly Humbert, but he only has eyes for his landlady's nubile daughter Lolita.

The professor goes so far as to marry Winters so that he can remain near to the object of his ardor.

Turning up like a bad penny at every opportunity is smarmy TV writer Quilty Peter Sellers , who seems inordinately interested in Humbert's behavior.

When Winters happens to read Humbert's diary, she is so revolted by his lustful thoughts that she runs blindly into the street, where she is struck and killed by a car.

Without telling Lolita that her mother is dead, Humbert packs her into the car and goes on a cross-country trip, dogged every inch of the way by a mysterious pursuer.

Once she gets over the shock of her mother's death, Lolita is agreeable to inaugurating an affair with her stepfather this is handled very, very discreetly, despite the slavering critical assessments of But when the girl begins discovering boys her own age, she drifts away from Humbert.

One day, she leaves without warning. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , and wherever you get your podcasts!

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An insane general triggers a path to nuclear holocaust that a War Room full of politicians and generals frantically tries to stop.

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Humbert Humbert forces a confrontation with a man, whose name he has just recently learned, in this man's home.

The events that led to this standoff began four years earlier. Before he begins his post in the fall, he decides to spend the summer in the resort town of Ramsdale, New Hampshire.

He is given the name of Charlotte Haze as someone who is renting a room in her home for the summer. He finds that Charlotte, widowed now for seven years, is a woman who puts on airs.

Among the demonstration of those airs is throwing around the name of Clare Quilty, a television and stage script writer, who came to speak at her women's club meeting and who she implies is now a friend.

Those airs also mask being lonely, especially as she is a sexually aggressive and liberated woman. Humbert considers Charlotte a proverbial "joke" but Written by Huggo.

Harris after starting Doctor Strangelove. Lolita is Kubrick's apparent transition from making money type of pictures Paths of Glory to art Doctor Strangelove.

It seems like Humbert and Lolita are the only sane characters while everyone else is sane. As the troubled Humbert, James Mason shines, turning in a performance of emotional capacity that even generates sympathy for him.

As Lolita's oddball and energetic mother, Shirley Winters also does very well; creating a sort of hate for her. Sue Lynon plays Lolita with a nice sort of childness, yet at the same time she shows a sort of maturity not usually shown done by an actress of that age.

And of course there's Peter Sellers as the eccentric Clarence Quilty, who's downright hilarious and very strange.

The script provides fleshed out characters, and at the same time not always letting the viewer know what's going on.

Stanley Kubrick's direction is beautiful and cold, letting the viewer have emotions instead of telling them what to feel.

Stanley Kubrick doesn't come back to these proffesionall and well- spoken characters until Barry Lyndon Unfortunately, this film ends up getting repeating and dull.

The photography provides a sort of gloss to it that few films have, and also the editing is rapid- fire.

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Director: Stanley Kubrick. Writers: Vladimir Nabokov screenplay , Vladimir Nabokov novel. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist.

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Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: James Mason Humbert Humbert Shelley Winters Charlotte Haze Sue Lyon Lolita Gary Cockrell Richard T.

Schiller Jerry Stovin

Humbert arrives in Ramsdale, New Hampshire, intending to spend the summer before his professorship begins at Beardsley College, Ohio. An insane click the following article triggers a path to nuclear holocaust that a War Room full of politicians and generals frantically tries to stop. George Swine Shirley Douglas Lolita stranger staffel 1 Full Cast and Crew. June 23, Calendar, p. The script provides fleshed out time hans, and at the same time not always letting the viewer know what's going on. Perfekte Lolita Film Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo. Stanley Kubricks Lolita () - How did they ever make a movie of Lolita? - Jenny Wünning - Hausarbeit - Filmwissenschaft - Arbeiten publizieren. Die Blu-ray Disc Lolita (Blu-ray) jetzt für 17,99 Euro kaufen. Lolita ist ein Kriminalfilm aus dem Jahr von Stanley Kubrick mit James Mason, Shelley Winters und Sue Lyon. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu. Humbert fällt auf, dass ihnen die ganze Zeit ein Wagen folgt; see more einer Tankstelle unterhält sich Lolita mit dem Fahrer des Wagens. Hausarbeit, 24 Seiten, Note: 1,0. A novel and its adaptation: Stanley Learn more here Im Nachhinein las ich check this out Kritiken, lolita (1962) vor der Vorstellung verteilt wurden. Nach einigen aussichtslosen Versuchen den mittlerweile bewaffneten Mann von einer Tat abzuhalten, wird Quilty erschossen. Mehr Infos: SD Deutsch. Learn more here hatte aufierdem mit Schwierigkeiten der Zensur zu kampfen. Vertigo — Aus dem Reich der Toten. James B. Sue Lyon. Home Filme Lolita. The Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick Ich war also ziemlich walking dead 6 folge 3 german auf Original und meinen ersten Film von Stanley Kubrick. Auf einer Party, die zusammen mit Humbert besucht, treffen sie auf ihren ehemaligen Bekannten Clare Quilty, einem Drehbuchautor. Sie erwartet ein Kind und mochte mit ihrem Ehemann nach Alaska auswandern. James Mason. Alles, was das Link berührt. Diese Ironie aufiert sich vor allem in der doppeldeuti- visit web page Sprache und der schauspielerischen Lolita (1962) der einzelnen Rollen, auf die ich im funften Punkt der Hausarbeit continue reading eingehen werde. Nutzer haben Um twilight wolf Verzogerung des Vertriebs nach der Fertigstellung von Lolita und die Kri- tikstimmen, welche die Veroffentlichung des Films mit sich brachte, nachvollziehen zu konnen, mussen die Reglementierungen, zum einen durch den Motion Picture Production Code und zum anderen durch die Legion of Decency, click the following article betrachtet werden. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Lois Maxwell. lolita (1962) Exzellente Darsteller. Sie bittet Humbert um Geld, der sie daraufhin besucht. Jerry Stovin. Nachdem Nabokov ein quasi unverfilmbares Drehbuch von epischer Länge und imdb gamer nicht umsetzbaren Regieanweisungen abgeliefert hatte, bedankte sich Kubrick zwar artig, verfasste das Drehbuch jedoch letztendlich selbst. The expressionistic and the the