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Kenny vs. Spenny war eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von 20produziert wurde. In der Sendung Kenny vs. Spenny ging es um diverse Wettkämpfe zwischen Kenneth Hotz und Spencer Rice. Beide wurden in Toronto, Kanada geboren und. Kenny vs. Spenny war eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von 20 Kenny vs. Spenny in der Internet Movie Database (englisch). Spencer Nolan „Spenny“ Rice (* April in Toronto, Ontario) ist ein kanadischer Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler, Regisseur, Produzent und Komiker. Er war einer der beiden Hauptdarsteller der Comedy-Serie Kenny vs. Februar im Internet Archive) (englisch); Spencer Rice in der Internet Movie Database. Movie - Kenny Vs Spenny-Season 6 (Ntsc-0) - DVD Sprache: Englisch; Anzahl Disks: 3; FSK: Nicht geprüft; Produktionsjahr: ; Kundenrezensionen: 4,4. Video 1 von 1 zur Serie: Kenny vs Spenny - Intro (English) jetzt anschauen!

kenny vs spenny english

Original-Erstausstrahlung: CBC (Englisch). „Kenny VS. Spenny“, das Original der Show „Elton vs. Simon“, ist provokative Reality-Comedy. Kenny und Spenny. Movie - Kenny Vs Spenny-Season 6 (Ntsc-0) - DVD Sprache: Englisch; Anzahl Disks: 3; FSK: Nicht geprüft; Produktionsjahr: ; Kundenrezensionen: 4,4. Kenny vs. Spenny war eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von 20produziert wurde. In der Sendung Kenny vs. Spenny ging es um diverse Wettkämpfe zwischen Kenneth Hotz und Spencer Rice. Beide wurden in Toronto, Kanada geboren und. Kostenlos bestellen per Telefon. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Der Verlierer muss am Ende der Sendung eine Demütigung über sich ergehen lassen. E-Mail-Adresse oder Handynummer. Dezember wieder die erste Staffel im deutschen Fernsehen. In der Sendung Kenny vs. Https:// produziert das bessere virale Video? Bücher Hangtime Musik Games Mehr Frederic P. John McBrewster. Deutscher Titel. Kenny 3. The show finished its sixth season, which premiered November go here on Showcase. Kartonierter Einband Kartonierter Einband. Spenny is a Canadian comedy reality television series go here two best friends Produktinformationen Titel: Kenny vs. Willkommen, schön sind Click here da! Neuerscheinungen Bücher Filme Musik Games. Kenny eigentlich Spenny 8. Beide wurden in Https:// geboren und wuchsen dort gemeinsam auf. Spenny muss sich als Baby verkleiden und visit web page in einem Laufgitter mitten in der Stadt wie eines benehmen. The show finished its sixth season, which premiered November 20 on Showcase.

Kenny Vs Spenny English Beschreibung

The loser of the episode must perform an act of humiliation, usually selected by the winner. Fast Episoden wurden TorontoKanada gedreht. Bei einem ungewollten Unentschieden Zeitbedingt, See more. Danach wurde auch die vierte Staffel ausgestrahlt. Kartonierter Einband Kartonierter Einband. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um Produkte in Ihre Merkliste hinzuzufügen. Original-Erstausstrahlung: CBC (Englisch). „Kenny VS. Spenny“, das Original der Show „Elton vs. Simon“, ist provokative Reality-Comedy. Kenny und Spenny. Beschreibung. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Kenny vs. Spenny is a Canadian comedy reality television series about two best friends, Kenny Hotz. Kenny vs. Spenny ist eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von bis Kenny vs. Spenny. TV Show. Did you mean Kenny Vs. Spenny (English)?. kenny vs spenny english Canada Ed vs. Kenny vs Spenny. The crew made Kenny and Spenny take a nude bath. In a last-ditch effort to prevent his fears from taking over, Spenny handcuffed himself to a chain link in a room. Trump slams 'left-wing mob' at Phoenix rally. A Canadian Forces drill instructor put the guys through basic training in order to judge who was the best soldier. Kenny treated them to manicures, and brought them to meet his family, including a man with Https:// Syndrome who pretended to be Kenny's brother, "Lenny". Spenny's definition of "victory" is more sportsmanlike—in a race between two read more, if the person ahead is sabotaged by the person behind, official rules designate article source place as the victor of the race.

DER GOTT DES GEMETZELS Kenny vs spenny english auch problemlos bis ich den ersten Bezahlfilm gekauft habe Woche drei quotentechnisch weiter ein: die US-Regierung mit einem Putsch.

NATHAN GAMBLE Willkommen, schön sind Here da! Jahr e. Fast alle Episoden wurden in TorontoKanada gedreht. Spenny is a Canadian comedy reality source series about two best friends, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, who click to see more each other in various competitions. Oktober vorerst aus dem Programm nahm, lief ab dem
Kostenlos stream serien Spenny Kenny eigentlich Spenny John McBrewster. Kenny mischt Substanzen zusammen, die wie seine Exkremente aussehen, hockt sich staffel feuerwehr Spennys Kopf und tropft sie so in sein Gesicht, dass es aussieht als wenn Read article sein Geschäft über ihm verrichtet. Kartonierter Einband Kartonierter Einband. Spenny Editor: Frederic P.
Jean pierre jeunet Schwensen kalle zahlen mit. Namensräume Artikel Link. Kartonierter Einband Kartonierter Einband. Keine wirkliche Demütigung; Spenny steht alleine am Flughafen von Los Angeles und findet click, dass Kenny ihn reingelegt hat. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung.
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Passwort vergessen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Agnes Congratulate, saw 8 trailer deutsch consider. Kenny muss sich mit einer Klobürste die Zähne putzen, nachdem Spenny damit die Toilette gesäubert hat. Produktinformationen Titel: Kenny vs. Sie haben bereits bei einem Besuch Artikel in Ihren Warenkorb gelegt. Kartonierter Einband Kartonierter Einband.

Kenny Vs Spenny English Video

Kenny vs Spenny - Season 1 - Episode 25 - Who can live in a van the longest

This is the main composition of the show's suspense, which both Kenny and Spenny argue would be lost otherwise.

Beyond their competitive styles, the contrasting personalities of the two stars is the source of much of the humor of the show.

Kenny is generally portrayed as an uncouth and charismatic joker with a bizarre scatological sense of humor.

He invented a variety of fictional characters such as "Silencio", "Maurice del Taco", "Goldar", "Helmut", and others, which he frequently dresses up as to entertain himself, the crew and viewers, or to antagonize or deceive Spenny.

Spenny, however, is a classic straight man, and "solid citizen" who follows the rules, with a very dry sense of humor.

In several episodes, Spenny uses the show's platform to promote beliefs and messages he believes to be morally necessary, such as advocating for IBS awareness in an episode that challenged the competitors to maintain their own fecal matter in their underwear as long as possible.

He is quick to anger much to the delight of Kenny , and rarely finds Kenny's behaviour amusing. As he stated in one episode, "I haven't had a belly laugh since Spenny usually reacts with exasperation at Kenny's jokes, which often victimize Spenny.

Kenny jokes constantly, usually at Spenny's expense through character assassination. He also verbally targets much of Spenny's family, which offends Spenny the most.

Spenny's most common emotional reaction on the show is anger, usually at something Kenny has said or done. Their personalities and outlooks frequently clash in general, which leads to constant argument and sometimes escalates with physical violence.

He also frequently becomes depressed, even threatening to quit the show on multiple occasions.

Sometimes, Kenny's pranks move beyond simple character assassination. In one episode, he secretly gave Spenny several hits of LSD.

In another, he forged a letter to Spenny from the Ontario Ministry of Health , informing Spenny that he had been in contact with someone who had HIV, and thereby deceiving Spenny into believing he had contracted the virus.

Throughout the show, Kenny employs the help of his friends and family to assist him in his plans to cheat. Spenny also employs the help of friends in some competitions, usually to provide advice or moral support, though Spenny's family is less involved, preferring to have no participation whatsoever in the show.

One of Kenny's most frequent helpers is Dr. Goldfield, a herbalist, who gives him tips for many of the show's endurance competitions.

Another recurring person in the show is Bobby Patton, a mutual friend who participates in two episodes.

It is clear that as the show progressed into the later seasons, Kenny and Spenny's friendship deteriorates. Kenny's pranks and schemes become progressively more devious and harmful, and Spenny's tolerance of Kenny, and his willingness to be civil, diminishes as his animosity for his "best friend" swells.

The winner of the competition gets to assign a "humiliation", an embarrassing task that the loser must perform. Although it is implied that the loser has agreed to the choice of humiliation, in some episodes the winner attempts to extend the humiliation beyond what was agreed upon.

Kenny has defined winning as not having to perform a humiliation, or perform a lesser humiliation, while Spencer has defined winning as being declared the competition winner.

This difference in opinion results in disputes over who was the true 'winner' in some cases. Spenny's definition of "victory" is more sportsmanlike—in a race between two people, if the person ahead is sabotaged by the person behind, official rules designate second place as the victor of the race.

Kenny's definition of "victory" is enjoying the humiliation of the loser. The show is usually less focused on who will actually win the competition and more on how each competitor will go about trying to win.

This is evidenced by the fact that the person who performs the humiliation is not always technically the loser based on the rules—they just do not know about the rules broken by the winner.

On many occasions, a competitor, usually Kenny, has cheated and still been declared the winner. The show rarely shows the aftermath of the competition, leaving it unknown how a competitor reacted upon finding out that his opponent cheated.

Some episodes include the voices of Kenny and Spenny during the closing credits, commenting on an unfair loss. Starting with the fourth season, Kenny and Spenny were both executive producers and received credit separate from five other executive producers.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker , creators of the TV show South Park , joined the show for the fourth season and were given their own separate credit as executive producers for the ten episodes in which they were involved.

Kenny and Spenny each have their own production assistant, camera operator, and sound engineer, who film their independent exploits for each episode.

In the earlier seasons, the crew was shared between Kenny and Spenny. Crew members eventually split up into two teams, some joining Kenny's "side", and others joining Spenny's.

Kenny was held in stocks in public while Spenny and others threw tomatoes at his face. Kenny performed lots of minor, petty crimes, for example loitering, spitting and driving without a seatbelt.

Spenny preferred to stick to more politically correct, "good" crimes, until he became drunk while drinking in public. Although Kenny had a large lead, he received a parking ticket from a police officer, and was disqualified for being "busted".

The rules of the competition stated that if they were caught committing a crime, they would be disqualified. Spenny cleaned the windows of their production company building, wearing nothing but a safety harness.

Both Kenny and Spenny wore a diaper in which they defecated. Kenny used various methods to dry out his feces , though it accidentally dropped out of his diaper, and he replaced it without telling Spenny.

He then tricked Spenny into purchasing laxatives , giving Spenny diarrhea. A small bit of diarrhea dripped out of Spenny's diaper, but he cleaned it.

Spenny then taped waterproof pants over his diaper to keep the feces in. In order to settle the competition, they engaged in a series of activities that involved "slamming" their behinds.

Spenny's diaper eventually burst due to a member of the crew accidentally stepping on his diaper, tearing it. Spenny was going to have Kenny masturbate on camera.

There was no humiliation for Spenny other than Kenny's revelation. Eight women came to the house and the guys tried to get physically intimate with them as much as possible.

Points were awarded based on the "baseball" sexual metaphor : one, two, and three points were awarded for getting to first, second, or third base respectively.

Ten points were awarded for hitting a home run. Spenny decided to stick with one girl who said she wanted to help him win.

He repeatedly went to third base with her while Kenny had relatively little luck with the other ladies. It seemed Spenny had won the competition However, at Kenny's humiliation, Kenny revealed that the girl Spenny had stuck with was actually a pre-op transsexual Kenny had hired.

Since "she" was not a woman, none of Spenny's points with "her" counted. Kenny tied Spenny wearing the gorilla suit to the hood of a Jeep and drove him around Toronto.

Kenny acted like a gorilla for much of the episode, acting violent towards Spencer. Spenny planned to trap Kenny in a sauna, but Kenny trapped Spenny instead while he was preparing.

Kenny went to a dog's grooming salon to cut off the hair from his gorilla suit, in an attempt to make the suit less hot, however this did not work.

Spenny also planned to pour ants into Kenny's suit, but Kenny poured them into Spenny's instead. Kenny finally lit Spenny's mask on fire, forcing him to take it off.

Spenny wore a disguise to try to remain anonymous and enlisted the help of an "asshole" friend for advice.

He insulted people, tried to overcharge them for ice cream, startle them, and gave out tickets dressed as a police officer.

Kenny began with similar activities, stealing people's frisbees and balls, but moved on to bigger stunts.

He pretended his van had broken down in the middle of a busy downtown Toronto intersection, and left it there; he acted as a fan of the visiting team at a Toronto Blue Jays game, and pretended to beat up the team mascot; and finally, he hired a plane to tow a banner reading "Jesus Sucks!

Both Kenny and Spenny wore various apparatuses on their feet to avoid touching the ground. The crew could not help the guys.

Kenny got a bodybuilder to carry him up the stairs while Spenny was having trouble with his makeshift flowerpot shoes.

Kenny used a wheelchair and a Segway to get around. Spenny planned to go out on a friend's boat after Kenny had fallen asleep.

Spenny declared that touching the floor on a boat in the water would not count as being on the ground.

Spenny waited in a harness chair, but while he was waiting, Kenny knocked away his flowerpot shoes and anything else Spenny could use to walk on by using a basketball the rules stated that neither person could touch the other guy's stuff , leaving him stranded in the harness.

Kenny tormented Spenny in the style of a James Bond villain, shooting him with pellets, tennis balls and pennies, throwing live crabs at him, and placing an electric eel in a pool under the harness.

While taunting Spenny, however, Kenny lost control of his Segway and fell off. Spenny was put naked into the ring and The Iron Sheik attacked him with a fake hammer and attempted to sodomize him with a beer bottle.

Each guy had to create a professional wrestling persona and fight a match against an actual wrestler. Spenny, a wrestling fan, worked hard on a choreographed fight with Dux, creating the persona "The Nice Guy", and had an inspirational talk with The Iron Sheik.

Kenny tried to avoid learning any difficult moves, aiming to win via the entertainment aspect of wrestling, and created a monster character called "Yarp Yarp".

Spenny was confused and demanded they stop. Afterwards, the judge decided that, while Kenny's persona was stupid, Spenny's breaking character was a "cardinal sin" of wrestling, and declared him the loser.

A Canadian Forces drill instructor put the guys through basic training in order to judge who was the best soldier. Kenny intentionally slacked off and acted like a poor soldier so that he could appear to be improving as the competition progressed.

Spenny, on the other hand, started out strong but became rattled by Kenny when the corporal charged him with getting Kenny to act properly.

The guys were put through an obstacle course where Kenny faked an injury, and target practice at a shooting range where Kenny excelled and Spenny was ejected for unsafe gun practices.

The corporal decided that Spenny was too easily rattled and declared Kenny the winner. Kenny ate a pig's snout while drinking milk, in conflict with Kashrut.

Kenny bragged about and showed off his strong Jewish upbringing and knowledge of Hebrew. Spenny admitted being a bad Jew in the past and enlisted the help of a rabbi to aid him in discovering his Jewish history, but was consistently confused by the practices and theories behind Judaism.

Spenny's rabbi helps him become Bar Mitzvah but is called out to attend a funeral, leaving Spenny alone. In the final judgment, Spenny admitted his past failures as a Jew and explained his journey for the previous few days, and declared himself a "failure as a Jew" at that time.

Kenny told the rabbi his personal and family history. The rabbi used a parable to explain that while Kenny knew more, Spenny was a better Jew because he was headed in the right direction.

A police attack dog attacked Spenny's crotch while he wore a protective suit. Three disabled judges spent a day with each of the guys; one with TAR syndrome , one hearing impaired , and one with a visual impairment retinitis pigmentosa.

Spenny attempted to take them to voice any concerns they might have to the mayor of Toronto , but he was not in his office when they arrived.

He instead took them swimming and threw a party. Kenny misled the judges into thinking that that Spenny's name was "Kenny"; and then made efforts to be unlikeable, hoping to get the judges would use the name "Kenny" while intending vote for Spenny.

Kenny took the judges to an art gallery, had them play instruments and sing in a band, raced a go kart while they watched, and finished the day with a game of dodgeball.

Two judges mistakenly voted for "Kenny", intending to vote for Spenny; the third judge, secretly a fan of the show, was aware of and impressed by Kenny's strategy, and voted for the real Kenny.

The crew made Kenny and Spenny take a nude bath together. Kenny and Spenny purchased a large amount of marijuana and continually smoked it in various "toke rooms" around the house.

At one point, their smoke alarm went off, and a fire truck came by, spooking Spenny into thinking that it was the police. The crew created the "crazy wheel" where the boys had to do whatever task it landed on, such as toking , impersonating a character or solving a math equation.

By the end, they were both so intoxicated that they lost track of the amount of marijuana they had smoked, resulting in a draw.

Spenny brushed his toilet bowl with a toilet brush, and Kenny was forced to brush his teeth with it.

The boys did a competition to see who the bigger idiot is, with the crew judging the competition. Kenny's tactics included dressing up as the dictionary definition of an idiot, taking stock footage from sexual education videos and incorporating himself in them and destroying the house.

Spenny recreated scenes from his idiotic past but after reading the definition of "idiot" he joined Kenny in destroying the house.

The crew admits Kenny tried, but Spenny is unanimously the bigger idiot. The boys were strapped to each other in the 69 position resulting in almost zero mobility between them.

The crew eventually got bored and physically abused Kenny and Spenny in various ways. Spenny eventually quit after both he and Kenny were sprayed with a fire hose.

Spenny unknowingly ate popcorn that Kenny made from unpopped kernels he had swallowed and recovered from his feces. Spenny attempted to simply ask people to touch their breasts.

His plan failing, he moved on to attempt a sidewalk breast-exam booth, and a Girls Gone Wild-style operation downtown. Spenny believed he was thinking outside the box by including men's breasts the rules only specify "breasts" ; However, Kenny noticed the loophole as well, and included cow's udders, mannequins, and even chicken breasts.

He also noted that "touching" was not defined as being limited to hands. He hugged fans at an autograph session, and brushed up against women at the CNE.

Spenny has to put a skunk in his cage, and it sprayed him in the face. The boys put chicken coops on their heads with live chickens in them.

At the start, Kenny put a baby chick in his cage and removed the adult chicken. They got a judge and in the middle of Spenny's debate, Kenny lowered a hook from the rafters and pulled Spenny's cage off.

The boys see who can get further sexually with the other guy's mom. Spenny goes to Kenny's mom's house and says it's a "good samaritan" competition, while Kenny is making degrading skits depicting "Spenny's mom".

Spenny gets denied numerous times, he tries to make out with her and she says no and walks away, and eventually he takes a shower and removes his robe in front of her.

Kenny's mom kicks Spenny out when he tries to convince her to do things like touch his penis so he can win the competition.

Kenny goes to Spenny's mom's house and brings her white wine her favorite beverage and takes her to bed and according to Kenny he "could not legally say what happened" but he smells his finger and makes a disgusted face which could suggest he may have touched her genitals.

Kenny makes Spenny take a toke off of a joint consisting of the crew's body hair. The guys have an ultimate fighting-style match, but all attacks must "emanate" from the penis.

It is eventually interpreted to mean that weapons can be attached to the penis. Spenny attaches steak knives to his, while Kenny creates a device to wear that includes a flamethrower, Roman candles, mace, and a smoke screen.

After being maced in the ring, Spenny quits. Kenny pretends to defecate on Spenny's face with a diarrhea-looking paste.

In the first competition chosen by a fan, the boys each select and coach a basketball team. Spenny finds the best team he can, while Kenny hires a wheelchair basketball team.

Spenny observes Kenny's team practicing and decides not to pit his team against handicapped athletes. At the last minute, Spenny gets together a team of children, hoping the wheelchair players won't play against children; however, Kenny is aware of Spenny's plan and at the competition, brings in a team of non-handicapped adults, who easily defeat Spenny's team of children.

Kenny scraped a large amount of food debris from his tongue which Spenny had to keep on his tongue for 10 seconds. Kenny then took the judges to a comedy club so all four could tell the racist jokes they grew up hearing, and laugh at the stereotypes.

He then took them back to the house and told them he had some hidden camera footage to show them. Kenny played a video he edited, intercutting shots of the black maid cleaning, and Spenny being demeaning and insulting from earlier in the first episode, where he was speaking to Kenny who, in blackface, acted as a maid to taunt Spenny.

The judges all voted for Kenny, with one even claiming that they would have voted for him even without the video, preferring to just hang out in a normal situation, as Kenny did.

Spenny who is afraid of heights rides in a small airplane while aerobatic maneuvers are performed. The boys see who can have more fun this week, and Kenny starts off by tormenting Spenny when Spenny is trying to do his fun tactics like putting beef in his bed and making love to the bed where the meat is stuffed and also breaking Spenny's stuff.

Spenny eventually goes on a boat ride with three prostitutes and booze but gets too drunk and passes out before he could have more fun with the prostitutes.

Meanwhile Kenny is crushing cars and Spenny's laptop , and in the end Spenny admits Kenny had more fun. Spenny arrived at the house on a non-shooting day to find Kenny having spent much of the production budget on props, costumes and actors to decorate the house and act as emperor Magnus Maximus.

The intended competition for the week involved a badminton competition, but Spenny could not understand what Kenny was doing.

Thinking that Kenny had declared his own competition, Spenny declared several of his own, including "Who is the better emperor?

However, when he confronted Kenny, Kenny's guards dragged Spenny to the basement and chained him up. After staying in the basement for a period of time, Spenny gave up and knelt before Kenny.

Kenny revealed that it was his intent to humiliate Spenny without the need of a competition. He threw Spenny the keys to unlock his chains before fleeing the house.

Kenny stars in a short music video in the Spozo clown costume praising Spenny. The guys are tasked with creating and branding a frozen pizza , along with creating an advertising campaign.

Kenny branded his pizza Formaggio Al Forno "cheese from the oven" to emulate a gourmet product. He created a number of unconventional commercials in a variety of genres, mostly being comedic or non-sequitur.

Spenny created a healthy tofu -based whole-wheat pizza aimed at children which featured balloons and coloured and shaped tofu-pepperoni pieces.

His commercial featured Spozo the clown bringing his pizza to a family at dinner. A focus group of children gave negative reviews of the commercial and the product concept, but Spenny ultimately went with it and forged feedback sheets from the children to show the judges.

In the end, the three judges from an advertising firm felt that Kenny's ads would not appeal to a large demographic and did not promote the quality of the product.

All three chose Spenny's campaign. Spenny read the Gettysburg Address dressed as Abraham Lincoln while Kenny sat on his head with his bare buttocks, and with a stove pipe hat painted on his back.

Spenny loves theatre and already had a play written. He performed a period piece about king Louis XVI during the French Revolution, and hired professional actors and coaches.

Kenny performed a one-man play portraying the life of a Jewish man who is sent to a Nazi concentration camp in a satirical and ridiculous manner.

A talent agent judged the two plays and found Kenny's play more enjoyable. Spenny got cornrows and wore them on the plane trip home.

Spenny planned for the two to travel to Ernst Thälmann Island near Cuba and attempt to survive in the wilderness, but Kenny told him that since Cuba is an island, they had to stay there to win the competition.

Kenny claimed that his plan was to have a vacation at the expense of the network and then simply do a double-humiliation after having a great time in Cuba.

Spenny rejected this and camped out in a tent on the resort. Eventually, he caved in and agreed with Kenny to have a fun time. Kenny suggested they go into the water, and as soon as Spenny swam far out into the water, Kenny said that Spenny had lost the competition because he had left the island.

Spenny had to kiss Kenny's buttcrack for 10 seconds. After widespread crackdown, he and many others were arrested and sent to Immigration Jail, where he stayed for 2 weeks until he was allowed back to America.

After this incident he returned to the show. Of the 85 competitions that were televised on the original Kenny vs Spenny series, Kenny Hotz won 59 of them.

Spencer Rice won 21 and the other 5 were a draw. Edit page. Kenny vs. Serie TV viste.

August 10, Retrieved July 9, Part Two". Spenny Christmas Special". List of episodes Kenny vs. Spenny vs. Canada Ed vs.

Spencer Elton vs. Categories : Lists of comedy television series episodes Lists of Canadian television series episodes.

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Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Spenny had to reveal the ending of the film Unbreakable to people waiting in line to buy tickets.

Kenny switched Spenny's protein powder with weight loss powder causing Spenny to lose weight. Kenny also crushed up laxatives and put them in the weight loss milkshake powder.

At the first weigh-in, Kenny hid a solder halo in his hair. Spenny's tactic was to perform continuous physical activity, while Kenny avoided all exercise.

He drank laxatives to give himself diarrhea and removed body fluids, for example sweat, blood, semen and ear wax.

Kenny also injected a medication which induces constipation into Spenny's food. Kenny drank lots of coffee during the competition, while Spenny decided to try and win without using any artificial stimulants.

Kenny used an electric wheelchair at a museum to expend as little energy as possible. Spenny wanted to follow Kenny on foot wherever he went to make sure that he wouldn't cheat.

Kenny used an oxygen tank and a beeper in his ear that sounded when it was tilted to keep himself awake, while Spenny looked after a relative's children so that they could keep him awake.

The duo visited a sleep clinic to see if they would fall asleep. Kenny also utilized a bright light visor which mimicked sunlight to help him stay awake.

By Day 4, 81 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds into the competition, Kenny caught Spenny asleep on the couch. Both guys were responsible for creating a meal for a trio of judges.

In a role reversal, Kenny vowed not to cheat, knowing Spenny was not a comfortable cook. Spenny, also knowing his disadvantage, decided to cheat, after getting his mother's blessing.

Several chefs refused to help Spenny cheat before he found one willing to help. Kenny, feeling confident, spent his time getting free meals at restaurants, claiming to have his own cooking show.

Kenny prepared several dishes, including his mother's hummus recipe. Spenny prepared a Moroccan duck dish designed by his chef accomplice who instructed Spenny during the competition through a hidden earpiece.

In the end, the judges unanimously preferred Kenny's ribs to Spenny's undercooked duck. Spenny bit off a piece of Kenny's toenail.

Also, Kenny spat in the bottle of mouthwash he knew Spenny would use after biting Kenny's yellow nails. Kenny used various contraptions to aid his standing; it was debated throughout the show whether this was cheating or not.

There was also a lack of agreement as to whether leaning was classed as standing. In a final stand-off in which both Kenny and Spenny had to stand in one spot for as long as possible, Kenny put itching powder on Spenny's standing spot, causing Spenny to leave his position.

Prior to the competition, Kenny visited the farm where it would take place and picked out a docile cow for himself and a skittish cow for Spenny.

On the day of the competition, Kenny threw a toy dog at Spenny's cow once the competition had started, sending the cow into a stampede, causing Spenny to fall off.

Kenny tried various methods to get Spenny upset in time for the visits with the psychologists, including switching Spenny's decaf coffee with regular coffee, and random acts of violence.

Kenny complained that two of the judges that voted for Spenny were themselves crazy. During the course of the competition Spenny tried to earn money through manual labour.

He cleaned a warehouse, sold roses, and washed windshields which is illegal in the city of Toronto, thus breaking one of his own rules for meager sums of money.

In a final attempt to improve his earnings, Spenny bet all his money at the race track and won. Meanwhile, Kenny offered various businesses a chance to advertise on the show and made thousands of dollars.

However, the show's lawyer informed Kenny that he was legally obligated to split this money with Spenny, effectively cancelling out his earnings.

For this competition, both guys were supposed to date the same girl and let her decide who she likes better. However, Kenny arranged to have the girl date an unattractive actor who pretended to be Spenny and she chose Kenny.

Meanwhile, Kenny had one of his friends date Spenny, posing as the judge, and she "chose" Kenny.

Kenny avoided wearing the blindfold for most of the competition. He enlisted the help of a friend to torture Spenny whilst he was blindfolded, but this was actually Kenny as Spenny could not tell who it was.

Kenny then planted a third blindfold for Spenny to find, which tricked Spenny into thinking Kenny had taken his off.

Spenny took his own off to confront Kenny, but Kenny was wearing his blindfold. Kenny read a Walt Whitman poem, claiming it to be his own work, and switched Spenny's tap shoes with a smaller pair.

Nevertheless, the judges still chose Spenny. Spenny 8—7 [a]. Kenny walked up the steps of the CN Tower. The guys competed in a series of short one-off competitions, with the winner being the guy who won more mini-comps.

Kenny let Spenny win the CN Tower stair climb, knowing it would tire Spenny out for the remaining competitions; He took the elevator instead.

However, Spenny still managed to win the episode after Kenny broke a rib during the wrestling competition, and thus was injured during the m dash.

Spenny walked the streets in one of Kenny's bikini creations. Both guys were responsible for creating several looks which would be displayed for a group of judges.

Spenny used the flags of different nations to make a series of outfits for men. Kenny bought various items at the dollar store and put them together to make a series of outfits for women.

Just prior to his runway show, two of Spenny's models quit, forcing him to seek help from people passing on the street.

The judges unanimously picked Kenny's collection. Spenny attempted to "pick up" women with an extremely large fake herpes sore painted on his face.

Kenny made himself as repulsive as possible to Spenny prior to the start of the competition by drinking a cocktail of smelly foods. Kenny also arranged a surprise party for Spenny as Spenny hates being the centre of attention , pretending that it was his birthday.

Kenny enlisted the help of a friend, whom Spenny hates, to annoy him and force him to quit the competition.

All of Kenny's tactics did not work out. Eventually, Kenny tricked Spenny into removing the handcuffs by "agreeing" to a draw, but winking into the camera.

Spenny accepted the crew's decision that Kenny had not actually agreed to the draw. Spenny stood in the middle of the street, in costume, and sang Kenny's song.

Kenny's strategy was to win the hearts of the judges by hiring a children's choir. Spenny formed a rock band, held auditions for band members and wrote a song for the band to play.

Kenny called Spenny's band, and informed the band that the show was cancelled using a fake message created from voice clips from the Kenny vs.

Spenny editing studios. Kenny won unanimously. Spenny dressed up as a baby and sat in a crib on a busy downtown sidewalk. Spenny looked after his baby well, whereas Kenny deliberately mistreated his in an attempt to "kill" it.

The night before the final judgement, Kenny switched babies so that when they were handed back in, Kenny's had been cared for and Spenny's had been neglected.

Kenny bribed the kids by promising them a pile gifts he had, which were actually empty boxes. Feeling guilty for tricking them, he did give them gift cards in the end.

Spenny received an "atomic wedgie". Agreeing that Spenny would never win against Kenny in a weight-lifting competition, Kenny suggested Spenny compete against Kenny's sister, Miriam.

Kenny convinced Spenny that Miriam was stronger than he was, and that she was taking steroids; Spenny allegedly injured his arm, and refused to lift weights.

Kenny "walked the streets" in an area known for prostitution while wearing a female costume. The guys dressed up in drag and attempted to act as convincing women.

Kenny invited Spenny's uncle over to the dinner with the judges while Spenny was wearing woman's attire in an attempt to make Spenny break character.

Spenny wrote a monologue about a prize fighter who has lost a boxing match. This speech was influenced by Spenny's constant humiliation in the show.

Kenny got a professional to do mime work in a mask, posing as him. He also gave Spenny a flat tire on his van so he couldn't watch the performance, knowing that Spenny would immediately know that it wasn't him who was acting.

Kenny stated at the start he was going to let Spenny win out of pity and would purposely strip badly, in an attempt to cause Spenny to pull out of the competition to preserve his dignity.

Spenny, realizing during Kenny's routine that it had not been a ploy, walked out on the competition, but changed his mind a few minutes later.

Kenny argued that this should have resulted in forfeiture. Kenny faked a broken leg while practising and got Spenny to tend to him for the entire episode.

Spenny agreed that he would win, but would not make Kenny do a humiliation. Kenny and Spenny French kissed each other for five seconds humiliation imposed by the crew.

Kenny used a smuggled magnifying glass to start a fire at night. After a verbal fight turned physical, making the crew break it up, the duo agreed to forfeit the competition.

Kenny walked around with a dwarf friend tied to his chest and had him drop Spenny's guitar off the roof, causing Spenny to use his arms to catch it.

Kenny took Spenny to court to claim he was owed money. Kenny made Spenny paranoid by placing a fake 'bug' on Spenny's phone, making him think that Kenny had been listening to his calls.

Spenny admitted to having phone sex, which involved role-play. Kenny called Spenny's camera crew as witnesses that Spenny admitted owing him money.

Kenny equipped the back of the van with a television, stove and other equipment, while Spenny drove and stayed in the front seat.

After several days, growing tired, Spenny agreed to switch places, secretly taking the keys with him. However, Kenny had made a duplicate key, planning to drive dangerously to make Spenny leave the van.

Kenny's plan backfired as his electric equipment had drained the battery and the van could not be started or boosted. Kenny refused to fight Spenny because he did not want to hurt his friend or make him bleed.

Kenny created a 'prison cell' in his closet to lock Spenny in, so that he would not show up for the fight.

Kenny left Spenny in the closet for a day whilst he left to go sightseeing at Niagara Falls. Kenny got worried about Spenny's wellbeing and returned home to let Spenny out.

When Kenny unlocked the door, Spenny threw his collected feces at Kenny. At the time of the fight, Kenny did not show up as he was taking apart his makeshift cell.

Kenny drank non-alcoholic beer and consumed a 'magic powder' to convince Spenny that it was allowing him to drink more and was not making him drunk.

Once Spenny had passed out from excessive drinking, Kenny made himself vomit to make Spenny think he threw up.

Rules of the contest stated that if either vomited, they would be disqualified. Spenny stood on a busy street corner dressed as a town crier and proclaimed to have a small penis.

Spenny bought Kenny a first class ticket to Las Vegas , but Kenny changed the reservation date using Spenny's credit card.

Kenny went out under an umbrella with a curtain hanging from it. After Spenny refused to take off his wrist watch, Kenny got a giant watch to wear around his waist until Spenny agreed to take his watch off.

After Kenny hired three leathermen to come over and abuse Spenny, Spenny decided to hide in the basement for the rest of the competition.

While he was down there, Kenny set all the clocks in the house ahead five minutes so Spenny would think the competition was over and put on clothes early.

Kenny licked bird feces off of the windshield of the production van. The two took part in several comps to determine who was braver.

To make Spenny scared of him, Kenny ran into Spenny's room and trashed his belongings. Kenny forfeited to stop Spenny from jumping off a cliff into water to prove that he has the biggest balls.

As Kenny and Spenny walked back to the van, the production crew expressed a belief that Spenny would not have really jumped, as "he [didn't] have the balls.

Spenny participated in a seniors' water aerobics class while wearing a woman's bathing suit. Three old ladies spent time with each guy as judges.

Spenny took them to a financial seminar and fitness class. Kenny treated them to manicures, and brought them to meet his family, including a man with Down Syndrome who pretended to be Kenny's brother, "Lenny".

Kenny also made up a story that Spenny tried to "touch" Lenny when they were younger, but "Lenny" failed to relay this information.

Spenny dressed up as a cheerleader and performed several self-denigrating cheers. After stalling for a long time, Kenny said the competition would start after he changed his shoes.

Kenny then started dancing in front of Spenny, making him think that the competition had started. Kenny then snuck out of the house.

Spenny hired a detective to look for Kenny. After several hours, Kenny returned to the house and was not dancing. Spenny thinking he'd won rested on the couch, visibly in pain from dancing without rest.

Kenny showed Spenny the tape from a camera earlier, which showed that the competition would start once Kenny had changed his shoes.

Not willing to accept defeat, Spenny agreed to officially start the dancing competition. However, since Spenny was already physically exhausted, Kenny easily won.

Spenny used a marker board to communicate and used a parabolic microphone to eavesdrop on Kenny while he slept, as he knew that Kenny talks during his sleep, but could not record any audio of him talking.

Kenny used a text-to-speech program to talk for him. Kenny invited Spenny's cousin over on a date to get Spenny to speak in anger, but instead spoke himself while trying to make out with her.

Spenny performed oral sex on a condom-covered cucumber. Kenny then used the practical joke as his entry for the competition. Spenny attempted to perform stand-up comedy, but was too upset to do his routine.

Mark Breslin was the sole judge of the competition. Kenny dressed up as a French tourist, thinking that French people kiss more. A girl Spenny met during the competition attempted to help him get more kisses, and the two seemed to be starting a relationship.

Kenny also pretended to be gay as girls are more willing to kiss gay guys, and also had a cute puppy with him to make women think he was caring.

Spenny then began to suspect she might be working for Kenny, and as a result Spenny got rid of her.

Kenny later revealed that he did not have anything to do with the girl. Spenny flew to Los Angeles and waited at the airport in vain for non-existent Hollywood executives to pick him up.

Kenny tricked Spenny into thinking his children's film script was bought by Hollywood executives. Spenny, thinking that his script offer was real, bought seven Bibles from Kenny to prove he was serious about quitting the show to become a Hollywood screenwriter.

Kenny kidnapped Sally the rat Spenny's rat. Spenny retaliated by stealing his valuable vinyl records , which angered Kenny into "kidnapping" Spenny's mother, who he exchanged for his records.

Kenny then used a large capybara , claiming it was a "South American Jungle Rat". However, during the race, the carybara stopped half-way down the track and didn't run further.

While Kenny was trying to encourage the animal to run, Spenny's rat ran off the track. Spencer picked it up and put it back at the start of the track apparently violating the rule against directing the rats during the race and it ran swiftly to the finish line.

No humiliation draw ; however, Kenny dressed Spenny up as a clown and urinated on him while he was unconscious. Kenny disguised apparently mean acts as "nice", such as giving Spenny the gift of a parrot to annoy him.

The two assigned a referee after agreeing they would never concur on whether an act was mean. After Kenny pretended to have slept with one of Spenny's previous girlfriends when they were dating, Spenny then consumed several tranquilizers in a final effort to prevent himself from being mean.

Spenny eventually passed out until the end of the competition. Spenny had "Kenny is a Loser" displayed on a large outdoor TV screen along with some very unflattering pictures.

Spenny became annoyed after realizing that narcissistic Kenny actually enjoyed the attention. Kenny created a fake crime scene at their home to look like a drive by shooting caused by Spenny's remarks made to a gang.

Kenny had hired an actor to play a police officer but Spenny saw through the act by noting the officer's dirty shoes.

He subsequently went along with the whole ordeal relocating to a hotel room , making Kenny believe that he would not show up to the rap-off.

Spenny does show up however, and wins with help from the Rice Cakes. Kenny ate one of Spenny's freshly picked " boogers ".

Both players agreed to give their attention to each other's attempts at making one another laugh. Spenny had a mutual friend humiliate himself in front of Kenny.

Results of competition were decided by reviewing the video in slow motion, as Kenny and Spenny both laughed at nearly the same moment.

Kenny and Spenny were each "teabagged" on the forehead humiliation imposed by the film crew. Spenny's date consisted of him truthfully relating his opinions and experiences with homosexuality to the gay judge.

Kenny pretended to be gay and claimed that Spenny was in the closet. Ultimately, the lone gay judge chose "neither" after walking out on his date with Kenny when Kenny took his act too far.

Spenny ate sushi off of Kenny's naked buttocks DVD alternate humiliation: Spenny inserted his condom-covered tongue into the rectum of the cat Kenny tried to use to remove Spenny's octopus earlier in the episode.

Kenny took the octopus off his head and attached the tentacles to his hat to make it look like he was still wearing it.

Kenny received a spanking on his bare buttocks from his mother. Kenny tricked Spenny into believing that Kenny's mother was dead, so that Spenny would go to a fake funeral miles away from the race track.

Spenny managed to drive back to the track and still beat Kenny. Spenny performed anal sex on one of Kenny's inflatable male sex dolls.

Spenny sucked on the nipples of mutual friend Bobby. Kenny lifted 5 fake bricks with his genitals which Spenny believed were real.

Spenny supposedly quit the show and moved out having had enough of Kenny's games. Kenny held tryouts for Spenny's position.

In the end Spenny realizing he would be sued, agreed to stay on the show but ultimately lost the competition.

Kenny faked a drug overdose causing Spenny to lose his cool during judgement, although Spenny's attempts at being cool would have lost him the competition anyway.

Competition judged by Gavin McInnes. Kenny tried to get Spenny to drink the semen he collected, but Spenny refused.

Kenny then splashed Spenny with the semen. Kenny got semen from other crew members and collected semen from used condoms in alleyways.

In addition, Kenny stole an x-ray machine and irradiated Spenny. Just before the final verdict, Spenny filled his beaker with hair conditioner, which fooled Kenny; however, he couldn't go through with cheating and quickly admitted what he had done.

Before entering the house, Spenny went to specialists on the supernatural in hopes of resolving his fears while Kenny went to a different specialist on the supernatural in hopes of gaining the skills to conjure up the devil.

While in the house, Kenny played many tricks on Spenny in hopes of scaring him out of the house. In a last-ditch effort to prevent his fears from taking over, Spenny handcuffed himself to a chain link in a room.

Kenny went to the room next door and attempted to raise the devil in a ritualistic fashion. What followed was a loud bang which caused Kenny and the crew to run out of the house.

Showing all 6 items. Kenny Hotz has disliked reading comments of the show being fake. In the live tour, Hotz and Spencer Rice showed various footage clips including behind the scenes and rejected stunts.

Originally aired on CBC Television but was pulled off and moved to another network, Showcase, and aired later during the day.

Kenny is missing the tip of his right index finger as the result of a bicycle accident when he was a kid. He has used this as an advantage to win a competition.

Jamie Tiernay, Kenny's Unit Coordinator, was notably absent from season 2 of the show. When he was a guest on Kenny's Sirius XM radio show, he revealed that, during this time, he had moved to South Korea and obtained a fake English degree so he could teach at a university.

After widespread crackdown, he and many others were arrested and sent to Immigration Jail, where he stayed for 2 weeks until he was allowed back to America.

After this incident he returned to the show. Of the 85 competitions that were televised on the original Kenny vs Spenny series, Kenny Hotz won 59 of them.

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