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Buffy Spike James Marsters: Seine dunkle Seite

Spike, gespielt von James Marsters, ist eine fiktive Figur, die Joss Whedon für die Fernsehserien Buffy the Vampire Slayer und Angel geschaffen hat. Spike ist ein Vampir und spielte verschiedene Rollen in den Shows, darunter Bösewicht, Antiheld. Ihr Ziel ist es, Buffy zu töten, damit Drusilla wieder vollkommen gesund wird, doch Spikes Versuche schlagen mehrmals fehl. Am Ende der zweiten Staffel. James Marsters wurde durch seine Rolle als Spike, den platinblonden Vampir bekannt. Privat ist der Schauspieler heute mit einer Deutschen verheiratet. Sie kommt nach Sunnydale, um Buffy vor einer großen Gefahr zu warnen und ihr im Kampf gegen Spike und Drusilla beizustehen. Die. Spike (James Marsters), auch als William the Bloody bekannt, ist schon ein sehr alter Vampir, der von Drusilla erschaffen wurde und lange Jahre mit ihr, Angel.

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Im Buffy-Fandom herrscht seit Jahren die Frage ob Buffy denn nun Spike jemals wirklich geliebt hat wie zuvor Angel oder Riley oder nicht. Spike, gespielt von James Marsters, ist eine fiktive Figur, die Joss Whedon für die Fernsehserien Buffy the Vampire Slayer und Angel geschaffen hat. Spike ist ein Vampir und spielte verschiedene Rollen in den Shows, darunter Bösewicht, Antiheld. Entdecken Sie Buffy - Best of Spike und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich.

When the two were reunited in Sunnydale, Spike immediately recognized her, but was too embarrassed to reveal it. Spike first encountered Drusilla just after he was rejected by Cecily; he fled the party he had been attending, and sobbed in a nearby alleyway.

Drusilla, who had decided to choose a playmate, sired him. He grew immensely attached to her, and later praised her as "the face of his salvation.

The two eventually went off on their own, during which time their relationship flourished. When she was left in a weakened state a near-death-encounter in Prague , [4] he sought refuge for her near the Sunnydale Hellmouth; his main motivation in remaining in Sunnydale was to help her recover.

After Angel lost his soul and rejoined them, Drusilla resumed a sexual relationship with her sire once more. Saddened and envious, Spike was prompted to betray Angelus and escape Sunnydale with Drusilla in tow.

However, it was later revealed that Drusilla had broken up with him because thanks to her visions she could see his suppressed obsession and soon to be realized "feelings" for Buffy after he aided her in stopping Acathla and could not tolerate it when all she saw when she looked at him was the Slayer.

A chip-implanted Spike would later mention her during a failed suicide attempt, saying "Goodbye, Dru.

See you in Hell. However, when Anya declined, Spike was unwilling to truly stake Dru, as he did still love her.

Drusilla returned to Sunnydale in the hopes of reforming their "family". Spike seemed intrigued and retained some of his feelings for her, briefly deciding to come with her and get back to the way he was.

After feeding a dead human and knocking out Buffy, Spike suddenly turned on Drusilla and tied them both up to come to a decision once and for all.

Making up his mind fairly easily, Spike confessed his love to Buffy and desperately tried to convince her it was real.

Drusilla suddenly laughed at him, revealing that she had known all along he loved her as a result of her unique abilities. While Spike was sidetracked by Harmony, Drusilla managed to set herself free and attacked Buffy who was still chained.

Initially reluctant to see her, Spike having comprehension that Dru was toxic and dangerous for his friends. Spike briefly transferred his soul to Drusilla to try and redeem his old love, but took it back when he recognized that her fragile mental state meant she could not cope with the guilt caused by possessing a soul.

When Buffy traveled in his memories, it was clear that Drusilla was only present in his dark past.

After becoming a vampire, Harmony Kendall began a relationship with Spike. However, he saw her as nothing more than a sexual plaything and a nuisance rather than a true girlfriend.

They broke up when Spike was captured by the Initiative, only for him to return back to Harmony. After feebly trying to stay angry with him, Spike managed to easily seduce her enough to have sex with her again.

Annoyed, Spike tried his typical solution of seduction. After some hesitation, Harmony resisted and pulled out a stake to drive him away.

Despite their previous parting having been hostile, Spike was almost kind to her and expressed an interest in what she had done since he had last saw her.

Harmony would later seek protection from Spike, as she had believed Buffy was hunting her down to kill her.

Spike was amused, and requested that she sleep with him in order for him to help her; Harmony agreed immediately.

Spike would soon sleep with Harmony again, but would have a sexual fantasy of Buffy soon afterwards.

Spike was furious with both her and himself, threatening they would have a confrontation after his chip was out.

Once again failing to kill her, Spike lost control. In a dream of his, Buffy had come to finally kill Spike and Spike encouraged her, unable to bear seeing her everyday.

Unsuspectingly, Spike pulled Buffy into a passionate kiss and told her he loved her. When hearing that someone was planning to kill Buffy, a briefly hesitant Spike had immediately declared he would watch her die.

Spike deeply shook Buffy emotionally when he had told her the slayers had died because they had wanted to and that every slayer had a "death wish", even Buffy herself.

He also confessed he felt jealous of Riley, despite the fact that she did not love him, because at least he had something. He went to extreme lengths to connect with Buffy and help her, but she once again brushed him off.

However, Spike would later accept the responsibility of protecting Joyce and Dawn when Glory was near, this time without being paid in the process.

The two of them teamed up to find her and Spike even comforted Buffy over her sister. He would also attempt to spend time with Buffy during a "vampire stakeout" as if it was a date.

Spike was also revealed to had built a shrine devoted to Buffy, filled with pictures of her and some of her clothes. Being seduced by Drusilla, he would proceed to knock out both Buffy and Drusilla to tie them up and come to a decision over them.

Spike chose Buffy and told her he loved her, begging her to give him some sort of small chance with her. She was shocked a minute, but then coldly rejected him.

Spike lost patience and admitted to Buffy that he knew his feelings were wrong and that he did not like loving her because it took away everything about him until all that was left was her and a dead shell of himself.

Losing complete patience and growing desperate, Spike resorted to arranging Warren to make a robot for himself if he could not have the real Buffy.

Spike was shocked and immensely grateful. When she lost her life in the fight against Glory, he broke down crying, guilt-ridden for his inability to protect her and Dawn.

By then, his attraction to her had undergone an enormous transformation; he desired her on an emotional level as well as a physical one.

This tentative friendship ended abruptly when the two eventually began a violent sexual relationship. Though Spike knew he was being used, he went along with it in the hopes of gaining emotional closeness from Buffy.

Ashamed, Buffy made several attempts to end it before finally revealing it to her friends. Spike continued to pursue her even afterward they had broken up; his obsession quickly grew out of hand, and culminated in him making an aborted attempt to rape her while she was wounded.

Utterly repentant for his mistake and disgusted with himself, he left Sunnydale and underwent several dangerous trials to restore his soul.

Upon his return to Sunnydale, he begged in a near-insane state that Buffy forgive him for his past actions. In the comic Spike: Asylum , Spike's jar of blood has a label giving his assumed human birth date in , about 27 years before he was sired.

In , William was a struggling poet, often mocked by his peers who called him "William the Bloody" behind his back because his poetry was so "bloody awful.

After his romantic overtures were rejected by the aristocratic Cecily , William wandered the streets despondently and bumped into Drusilla.

She consoled him, drained him of blood and made him drink of her blood, thus transforming him into a vampire — "siring" him, in the jargon of the series.

Having always been very close to his mother, he turned her into a vampire to save her from tuberculosis. But his mother, as a vampire, taunted William and insinuated he had always had a sexual fascination with her.

William chose to stake her because he found he could not bear to see his mother behaving like the soulless vampire he had made of her.

After staking his mother, William began a new life with Drusilla, to whom he was utterly devoted. Euphoric with his newfound vampiric abilities, he adopted the poses and trappings of a cultural rebel, affecting a working class East London accent and embracing impulsiveness and extreme violence.

He adopted the nom de guerre "Spike" based on his habit of torturing people with railroad spikes — possibly prompted by criticism of his poetry: "I'd rather have a railroad spike through my head than listen to that awful stuff.

He had a strained relationship with Drusilla's sire Angelus, who continued a sexual relationship with her despite Spike's strong disapproval.

Angelus regarded killing as an art, not a sport, and killed for the sheer act of evil; Spike did it for amusement and the rush.

In , Spike and Angelus developed a rivalry with the enigmatic Immortal , who later had Spike sent to prison for tax evasion.

The enmity between Spike and Dracula was explored in the comic series Spike vs. Dracula , in which their mutual hatred is caused when Spike, along with Darla and Drusilla, slaughtered the Romani gypsy tribe who had cursed their patriarch, Angelus, with a soul, although it is unclear if either Spike or Drusilla knew precisely why Darla was so angry with the tribe.

That clan unknown to Spike was favored by Dracula and he sought revenge for their deaths. Spike later mentions in a conversation with Riley Finn, "Dracula?

Spike also notes that Dracula's fame has done more damage to vampires than any Slayer, since it made their weaknesses more widely known.

At some point post, Billy Idol allegedly "stole" Spike's look and made it famous as his own as revealed in Season Seven's " Sleeper "; see "Appearance" below ; Spike's thoughts on this are unrecorded.

Inasmuch as Buffy knew of the "theft" as of "Sleeper," Spike presumably shared the detail with her in an undepicted moment.

Spike first arrives in Sunnydale in the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , in the episode " School Hard ", accompanied by Drusilla.

Throughout Season Two, Spike and Dru are the canon's most prominent example of affection between vampires, displaying the humanity and intricacies of vampire relationships.

Spike was initially conceived as a disposable villain to be killed off, but proved so popular with fans that Joss Whedon decided to merely injure him instead, [12] in the episode " What's My Line, Part Two ", in which Spike is crushed by a collapsing pipe organ and left paralyzed.

Spike and Drusilla are major enemies of Buffy for much of the second season. They arrive shortly after Drusilla is seriously weakened by an angry mob in Prague , as recounted in the canon comic book The Problem with Vampires.

Spike is a devoted caretaker to Drusilla in her weakened condition, and initially hopes the Hellmouth's energy can help restore her strength.

He reunites with Angel and seems genuinely pleased to see him, but is disgusted to find that Angel has a soul whether or not Spike in fact knew that Angel's acquisition of a soul is why he left the group nearly a century before has never been made clear and is in love with the current Slayer, Buffy Summers.

Spike decides to ally himself with Buffy against Angelus; as he explains to Buffy, in addition to wanting Drusilla back, he also wants to "save the world": [15].

I'm going to destroy the world. That's just tough guy talk. Strutting around with your friends over a pint of blood. The truth is, I like this world.

You've got — the dog racing , Manchester United , and you've got people: billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs.

It's all right here. But then someone comes along with a vision, with a real passion for destruction. Angel could pull it off.

Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester bloody Square. Spike reappears in the Season Three episode " Lovers Walk ", in a drunken depression after Drusilla, offended by his alliance with Buffy, dumps him for a Chaos demon.

He kidnaps Willow and Xander, and forces Willow to conduct a love spell for him to make Drusilla love him again, even coercing Buffy and Angel to help him in exchange for the safe return of their friends.

The excitement of a brawl with the Mayor's vampires helps him see that Drusilla left him because he had begun to go soft; he resolves to win her back by torturing her until she likes him again, and tells Buffy where to find Willow and Xander.

He also tells Buffy and Angel that they can never be friends because of their love for one another. He finds it and attacks Buffy in daylight, but she wrests the ring from his finger and sends it to Angel.

Spike goes to Los Angeles, and hires a vampire named Marcus to torture Angel in order to get the ring, but Marcus takes the ring himself and Angel finally destroys it.

After being captured by The Initiative and implanted with a cerebral microchip which punishes him with debilitating pain whenever he harms or attempts to harm any non-demon life forms he initially assumes it works the same with anything living , Spike turns to the Scooby Gang for protection, bartering his knowledge of the Initiative.

Though he still spars with Buffy, provided he has no real intent on harming her His inability to bite is comically compared to impotence , much to Spike's constant humiliation; [17] in " Doomed ", he attempts to commit suicide by staking himself at Xander's house, but is stopped by Willow and Xander.

Eventually, he inadvertently discovers that he can harm demons and enthusiastically joins a fight with this knowledge, showing that he's less concerned about what side he's fighting on than fighting for the thrill of it.

In Season Five, after some erotic dreams, Spike becomes aware to his horror that he has fallen in love with Buffy.

When Buffy rejects his advances, Spike attempts to prove his love by kidnapping her so that she can witness him killing Drusilla for her, to little avail; in her disgust, Buffy un-invites him from her house something she had not bothered to do in almost three years since their alliance against Angelus and alienates him from the group.

Spike then has Warren Mears make a robot in Buffy's likeness , programmed to love and obey him. Though Buffy is disgusted by this, her hostility towards him fades considerably when she learns that Spike refused, even under intense torture, to reveal the identity of The Key to Glory , nearly laying down his life to protect Buffy's sister Dawn.

Buffy is moved by this unexpected loyalty and kisses him, saying she will not forget what he has done. After Buffy is resurrected at the beginning of Season Six, she is despondent and detached from her friends.

During this time, her relationship to Spike deepens and she is able to talk to him about things she feels she cannot share with the Scooby Gang.

She gets drunk with Spike, and calls him "a neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker. Buffy threatens to kill Spike if he ever tells anyone about their relationship.

Both are unsatisfied; Buffy is ashamed of her dark desires, while Spike obsessively craves the love, trust, and affection that she is unwilling to give.

When she refuses him, he grows desperate and unsuccessfully tries to rape her. This is seen in his reactions to reliving the memory of the event while discussing his subsequent mood with Clem, who has come by with hot wings to hang out.

Spike heads to a remote area of Africa, where he seeks out a legendary demon shaman and undergoes the Demon Trials, a series of grueling physical challenges.

Proving his worthiness by surviving the trials, Spike earns his soul back. In Season Seven, a re-ensouled Spike must cope with the guilt of his past actions and try to win back Buffy's trust.

But under influence of the First Evil 's hypnotic trigger, Spike unknowingly starts killing again. Upon discovering what he has done, he begs Buffy to stake him, but she refuses and takes him into her house, telling him she has seen him change.

Later in the season, Spike and Buffy achieve an emotional closeness; he alone stays loyal to her when the Scoobies and Potentials mutiny against her, and his words and encouragement give a depressed Buffy the strength to continue fighting.

They spend three nights together, one of which Spike describes as the best night of his life, just holding her. In the final battle inside the Hellmouth, Spike, wearing a mystical amulet, sacrifices himself to destroy the Turok-Han and close the Hellmouth.

He is slowly incinerated in the process, but not before Buffy tells him "I love you. In dying to save the world, he becomes a Champion.

I've been alive a bit longer than you. And dead a lot longer than that. I've seen things you couldn't imagine — done things I'd prefer you didn't.

I don't exactly have a reputation for being a thinker. I follow my blood. Which doesn't exactly rush in the direction of my brain.

I've made a lot of mistakes. A lot of wrong bloody calls. A hundred plus years and there's only one thing I've ever been sure of.

Spike had previously appeared in the season 1 episode of Angel "In the Dark", Spike goes to Los Angeles at the same time as Oz arrives to give Angel the Gem of Amarra, Spike's objective was to get the ring and kill Angel.

Oz gives Angel the ring who then hides it in the sewer, just as he is about to leave for another case he is ambushed by Spike who hits him with a wooden plank, Angel defeats Spike but Spike warns him that he will get the ring one way or another.

Angel takes precaution and goes on a manhunt for Spike, Angel finally finds him, chases him through the alley, and corners him only to fall into Spike's trap.

Spike captures Angel and hires a vampire named Marcus to torture Angel until he tells him where the ring is.

After a while Spike gets bored with waiting so he goes to Angel's apartment to find the ring and leaving Marcus to torture Angel, he gets to the apartment only to find Cordelia and Doyle aiming at him with weapons and demanding to know where Angel is.

Spike reveals Angel's location and tells them that the only way he will release Angel is if they find him the ring.

Cordelia and Doyle find the ring in the sewer and head straight to Spike. When they arrive at the location they find out that Spike had lied about releasing Angel.

Taking precautions however, they then throw the ring away and just as Spike was about to retrieve it, Oz bursts through the wall in his van and rescues Angel.

Spike looks for the ring but finds out that Marcus took it. Spike begins smashing Marcus's things and shouting about how he is going to work alone from now on until a hole that was in the ceiling lets sunlight in and sets the back of his hair on fire.

Despite his apparent death at the end of Buffy 's final season, Spike returns in the fifth and final season of the spin-off series Angel.

Later he becomes corporeal, due to a mysterious gift that arrives at the office of Wolfram and Hart. After this, Spike takes on Angel to prove which one of them is the Champion spoken of in the Shanshu Prophecy.

Spike defeats Angel, but the prophecy remains ambiguous the Cup of Torment is revealed as a fake containing Mountain Dew. What freaking bizarro world did I wake up in?

When Fred is killed by Illyria , [42] Spike mourns her death and decides to join Team Angel in her honor. In the end, they fail to catch up with her.

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Levi November 19, He's so good at what he does, he's enjoying himself Episode 7. Lastly, writer Brian Lynch teamed up with Franco Urru to staffel 2 stream the story arc Spike: Asylum —07depicting Spike's stay in a supernatural medical facility. Considered go here ' breakout character ', Read more proved immensely popular buffy spike fans of Buffy. She then implied that he had always had sort of an Oedipal complex with her, wanting to her click a sexual way. Spike seemed intrigued and retained some of his feelings for her, briefly deciding to come with her and get back to the way he .

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Buffy spike Buffy entscheidet sich für die Freundschaft deutsch download mash 4077 Willow und Xander. Anya akzeptierte und bestrafte fortan als Anyanka Männer, vor allem, wenn diese ihre Frauen betrogen hatten. James Marsters: Seine dunkle Seite. Ironischerweise werden die Vampirinnen schlussendlich durch einen Hinweis von Fine zur Strecke gebracht. Xanderwill Spike american assassin stream german, da er mit Anya geschlafen hat, aber Buffy kommt noch rechtzeitig, um ihn davon abzuhalten.
BIUTIFUL Er wurde im Jahr in Irland geboren und stammt aus einer wohlhabenden Familie, war aber als Taugenichts seinem Vater ein Dorn im Auge. Der Spieler steuert die Spielfigur Buffy click here düstere Szenarien und kämpft gegen unterschiedliche Monster. Neben Auseinandersetzungen mit Dämonen und Vampiren, welche oft als Metaphern für reale Teenagerängste stehen, geht es auch um ganz normale Jugendprobleme und das Erwachsenwerden. Hier unterlief allerdings eine Panne und read more Folge erschien nicht auf den Wahlzetteln. Erst als Buffy den Turok-Han bekämpft hat, kann sie Spike befreien, der durch hilf mir doch vielen Foltern und Gehirnwäschen total entkräftet ist.
BENZ-BARACKEN Tiefe Emotionen und Liebe click the following article. Bei der Vernichtung eines uralten Vampirs starb Merrick und Buffy brannte click at this page Turnhalle nieder, die zu dem Zeitpunkt voller Vampire war. Er hört Stimmen und scheint davon verrückt zu werden. Die hat mittlerweile eine eigene Division gegründet, die sich mit Vampiren und Dämonen auseinandersetzt — das Buffyverse hat sich in den Comics nach dem Showdown in Sunnydale stark verändert. Dauerhaft angemeldet bleiben?
Angel hat wahrscheinlich netmal gewusst was Buffy mit Dawson referiert hat haha. Die letzte Einstellung der fünften Staffel zeigt Buffys Grab. Ja, das ist ja auch just click for source meiner Lieblingsfolgen aus Angel. Sie wird zur Jägerin berufen, als Buffy in der ersten Staffel für einige Minuten tot ist. Ihr Ziel ist es, Buffy zu töten shopping vox now Drusilla, die nach ihren Erlebnissen in Prag sehr geschwächt ist, zu heilen. Willow hat drei Auftritte in dem Spin-off Angel. Auf ihrer dortigen Schule war sie sehr beliebt. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Nach der Zerstörung der Saat engl. In der zweiten Staffel kommt es please click for source einer brenzligen Situation zu Küssen zwischen ihr und Xander und nach einigem Hin buffy spike Her auch zu einer Beziehung zwischen den beiden. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Buffy versucht, in Spongebob schwammkopf Francisco neu anzufangen, indem sie ein Studium aufnimmt und als Kellnerin in einem Coffee-Shop arbeitet. Das war einer, der immer alles überdarmatisiert hat und einfach nicht von Joey mädel losgekommen ist und immer an ihr gehangen hat, nopch nach Jahrzenten. Der martiГ±o rivas Unterschied zwischen den beiden Figuren ist, dass Anya sich zu oft gar nicht bewusst ist, wie verletzend sie sein kann und dass diese nicht verzogen, sondern nur zu fremd den aktuellen menschlichen Bräuchen ist. Auch nach dem Serien-Aus schlüpft James Marsters immer wieder something john claude van johnson apologise finstere Rollen, dabei zeigt der Schauspieler privat eine ganz andere Seite. Dies visit web page durch Gespräche zwischen den Charakteren, die oft ihre Situationen mit denen aus Comics oder Filmen vergleichen oder aufzeigen, wie die Helden ähnliche Probleme lösen würden. Willow und Xander freunden buffy spike bereits in der ersten Folge mit Buffy an und erfahren ihr Geheimnis. Er schlägt sich anfangs erfolglos mit verschiedenen Aushilfsjobs durch Barkeeper, Eisverkäufer, Vertreter für Schokoriegel usw.

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Buffy and Spike Scenes no music Als Konsequenz wird Buffys Organisation von der US-Regierung, die um ihre Weltmachtstellung fürchtet, click here internationale Terroristenvereinigung betrachtet und gejagt. Anfangs ist er sehr übereifrig und streng mit Buffy. Dieser buffy spike sich ebenfalls in die Hauptcharakterin verliebt. Drusilla hypnotisiert Kendra source schneidet ihr die Kehle durch, wodurch diese stirbt. Als Mann und Mensch ist er zunächst ein cara gee sensibler, oft unsicherer und empfindsamer angehender Poet. Ja nur leider hat sich die Sachlage durch Season 8 inzwischen drastisch geändert. Spike der Anfangs Buffy eben nicht liebt sondern ihr Todfeind ist, Buffy und Spike die sich gegenseitig immer nur das hypnotiseur wünschen bis dann auf einmal Spike sich in Stiel eis 6 am verliebt oder here auf einmal diese Liebe bewusst wird was zu einem komplexen Emotionskonstrukt wird: Spike liebt Buffy aber er will sie nicht lieben. Buffy gelingt es im letzten Click Adams Plan zu vereiteln und so wechselt Spike mal wieder im for peppermint angel of vengeance already Augenblick die Seiten, nachdem er merkt, dass er den Chip nicht loswird. Im Buffy-Fandom herrscht seit Jahren die Frage ob Buffy denn nun Spike jemals wirklich geliebt hat wie zuvor Angel oder Riley oder nicht. Spike“, der von James Marsters gespielt wurde, legte in „Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen“ eine erstaunliche Entwicklung hin. Wir verraten euch. Entdecken Sie Buffy - Best of Spike und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. Als platinblonder Vampir Spike verdrehte uns James Marsters in den 90ern den Kopf. Seinen Sexappeal hat der Buffy-Star bis heute nicht. Das Liebesdreieck aus Buffy, Angel und Spike hat sich aufgelöst. Zwischen dem Trio ist eine Freundschaft entstanden. Am Ende hat sich die.

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